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    Calving Issue?

    I'm having one cow that is pushing very hard but not like she is trying to calve. It looks like it's coming more from her anus that her vagina. She strains hard and then goes and lays down away from the rest of the herd. She will still come to feed but she goes and says down afterward. Has...
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    Lease Country Prices

    What is grass country going for in your area, and what are the stocking rates?
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    New Truck?

    As far as diesels go the only manual that I would get would have to be a dodge. They just seem to have alot more power and torc behind their manual trannys. The other two have good auto trannys any way. Other than that its really personal preferance. They all have their downfalls. Fords 7.3 were...
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    Crancker Box Welder

    Hey guys getting ready to buy a cracker box welder for the barn but dont have a 220 hook up. Wanted to know if any of you guys have used a 110 cracker box and if it is worth getting a 220 hook up. Have a mig that is a 110 and is real handy because I can get and extension cord and take it any...
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    Beefing Up Suspension

    One more question is what do you guys usually run your air bags on. I have been driving without a load at 10 - 13 lbs. Is this about right. Thanks Matthew kane
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    Beefing Up Suspension

    Well I got my air bags put on my truck. It was a little bit of a pain in the a$$ because of my B&W hitch but we got it done, and I'm really happy with them. Thanks for all the input. Kane
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    Speeding Up Spins & Rollbacks

    I am still having to bump the outside rein to let him know whats goin on. Today was a waste of a day because I was trying some new techniques on him and we lost some ground, so today I was trying to fix that. One good part about this colt is he is very responcive so you have to be very...
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    Speeding Up Spins & Rollbacks

    Thanks Hayray. He is really starting to get the hang of it. He is very responcive to every thing. It only takes about three times to make a habit with him. Thanks Kane
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    Beefing Up Suspension

    I was wanting to beef up my suspension on my half ton dodge, and wondering what you guys imput was on the best and most cost efficent way. I was looking into air bags. I have a 14' gooseneck trailer that has axle plasement pretty far back. I was looking into 2500 lb of weight on air bags is that...
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    Hot Wheel & Hub

    Well it ended up being the trailer brakes. They were rubbing on the driver side and were already worn off on the passenger. Thanks Kane
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    Hot Wheel & Hub

    When I was pulling my stock trailer yesterday I pulled over to get fuel. When I got out I noticed a burning smell like I had smoked my brakes a little bit. I walked back to the trailer and noticed that my wheel and hub where very hot on the driver side, and warm on the passenger side. I was...
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    Speeding Up Spins & Rollbacks

    Hey guys got a training question for all you trainers out there. I bought a colt today and he rides pretty nice. He knows about neck reining and will move off your leg bet you have to guide him through the spins and rollbacks. What is the next step in the training prossess to get him moving like...
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    Feeding a Show Steer.

    I have always finished my show steers on a really basic show ration. It consists of 750 lb.s of corn, 100 lbs. of cotton seed hulls, 100lbs. cotton seed mill, 50 lbs. molases, 10 lbs. of purina W&R 12% mineral, and 10lbs. soy bean oil, if they need it. All the soy bean oil does is boost there...
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    I have a set of corriente cows that I picked up for cheap that I breed to angus bulls and there calves all come out black and healthy. They are some of the easiest calving, easiest breeding suckers there are.
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    Miller Bluestar 6000 Welder

    Hey guys I finally jumped in and boutght a little gas welder. It has 37 hours on it and the leads came with it. It was pretty hard to track one down that I liked but I finally found one. Has any one had any experience with this welder. The only thing that I was worried about was its size, but it...
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    Gas Welder

    Hey guys I am in the market for a used gas welder. Most of the welders that I am coming across are in the 1800 - 2500 dollar range (already on the trailer). I was wondering what you guys have paid for older welders. A budy of mine recently purchased an old pipe line welder for 150 bucks, and it...
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    Horse Healing Question

    Hey guys and girls, a budy of mine has a six year old quater horse that sliped in the mud and through out his shoulder. He had an equine chiapracter (?sp) come look at it and said that he set it but his but it pulled all the muscles and it could come out. He said to take him to the vet but he...
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    Longhorn Cows

    Hey guys I was thinking of taking some light bred longhorn cows the the sale barn but I can't find what they are bringing. They are five years old if that helps. I just need to make some room but I don't want to loose my butt either. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks KaneRanch
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    Starter Calf Feed

    We just got done with our county show and its already about time to start looking for calves for next year. In our county the calves need to be born any were from august to october of last year. So now I need to find a starter feed for my calf. I work at a feed store and mixed all of my feed...
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    25 calves 2 days no heifers..

    I have 5 cows that were all bred to the same bull, and had 5 bull calves.