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    JD M Series and E Series

    In the process of buying 85c. Are you still liking your 100c?
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    Production sale

    Where can your ranch be found online? Would like to check out your offering since you blend the occ genetics with other interesting genetics. Thanks
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    Mid Missouri. And I’m not able to put location on profile for some reason
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    Turner mineral tag
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    Kent mineral tag
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    interesting conservation on mineral supplements. Had major conception problems years ago. Grazing fescue created issues plus copper issues. Went with a chelated form of minerals ( pricey). Fixed a lot of problems we had. Not 100%. Some cows just weren't fertile. Anyway seen a lot of mention...
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    owing something means I made something. I can live with that. And be grateful
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    Farm Taxes- schedule 179 write offs

    Why did you thank trump?
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    Pipe is the best way to go

    I make very few comments on this board. I really enjoy some of the conversations. But this information is crap. Keystone was going to be for OIL. Not gas. And the oil is destined for China. Sure some jobs are created short term. But it would also strengthen China. Step over a dollar to pick up a...
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    Disk mower clogging

    Check your swath board. Last year ours loosened up and pinch the crop around outside hat. Hope it’s simple. Good luck
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    Bought Pharo Cattle Company Angus bull

    We have several small frame EFFICIENT cows. Mostly Ohlde bred females. Run more of a terminal type bull on them and you’ll be fine. Whether you get docked for smaller frame or not the savings far out way the dock on the offspring. We seldom see an issue when selling here in Missouri. Good luck
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    Sale pictures

    What sale?
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    Greg Judy and Profit per Acre

    Kit is still around. Selling a lot of bulls. A lot. The fad hasn’t changed. It’s actually increasing to more moderate frame animal more than before. Maybe not to the extreme as Kit. A breeder we visited with yesterday quoted one of the Big packers as wanting smaller framed lighter cattle. Less...
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    Covid observations

    We’ve lost several people in our area to this stuff. Glad to hear your son is better. By the way... I enjoy seeing your cattle pics and your breeding plans.
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    Co worker with Covid

    I work for a natural gas pipeline as well. One of my boss’s was in the hospital the whole month of October with COVID. He to questioned how serious it all was. He’ll tell you now,along with several other coworkers,how serious COVID is. He’s still suffering with organ issues. Hope your coworker...
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    2020 Sale Results

    Not to be to nosey. Where did you sell at?
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    Fly control

    My names Tyler and I’m in central Missouri. I’m a young guy raising a few cattle with my parents and working in town welding for a turbine company. I really enjoy reading all the different posts. Amazing how different things are from one area to another. Thanks for asking