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    i.m injection for joint ill

    There were 2 times our vet prescribed bute for our calf. Once was when she was 2 months old and had surgery for navel ill, and one other time that I can't remember the specifics for. I looked for the bottle to see what the dosage was, but I can't locate it right now.
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    any steer shows in Arizona?

    I live in Flagstaff (about a mile from FT. Tuthilll); I 'll have to be sure to see you and your steer at the fair. We have a dairy cow that I breed with a dexter.
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    milking equipment needed

    My 24 mo. old heifer is due to calve in a month. I am looking for a 2 gal. pasteurizer, a milk strainer, and stainless steel pails to purchase. Please let me know if you have any hanging around. Thanks.
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    Syringe use?

    I wouldn't reuse the needles, but I have reused the syringe. Both my vet and local feed store said it was okay. I boiled them after the each use. I figure I got about 5-7 uses out of each one before I felt the plunger giving me fits. Our vet reuses his syringes, but he has them washed out...
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    Calf in with chickens

    We had our calf and chickens penned separately, but out in the yard together during the day. That worked okay for usas it kept the fly population down. However a big problem is making sure the calf doesn't get into the chicken feed. There appears to be 2 problems with that... the feed can...
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    abort question

    Yes, it was. Good ol' Ponderosa Pine is one of the 3 major pines in my neck of the woods. I just checked the yard to see if I could see a calf fetus....nothing yet. I hope that means everything will be okay.
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    abort question

    Yesterday my heifer (due in Aug.) got to a pine tree. I saw her right away and she had only a nibble of of few leaves and maybe part of one small branch. I was grateful that Dun addressed that if the cow is well fed then limited pine tree ingestion shouldn't cause a problem. My gal gets...
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    Breeding prices

    Probably some of this depends on where you live and what your bull is like. I had my heifer bred to a dexter here in Northern AZ. I was told the fee would be $75.00 and if my heifer had to stay (in case I had gotten her heat timing wrong) there was a $4.00 a day charge. This gentleman has...
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    Probiotics in feed and fecal E. Coli 0157:H7

    Does this mean if you give a heifer probiotic orally that the same impact will happen (as opposed to having it mixed in the feed)? My gal will calve in Aug. I bought an oral probiotic paste to have on hand after the grand event...would it be worth it to give her some about once a month (week?)...
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    magnet question

    My reason for putting int he magnet is for prevention of hardware disease. Where she spends most of her time is what we call the "cow yard" about .15 of an acre. We don't keep any junk around it, but she'll chew on the goat hut sometimes. Where she grazes is in clean field. I walk through...
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    new calf is sick

    Cattle Annie, Silly, unconnected question, but what breed of cattle is the little guy or gal in your avatar? My husband asked me last night and I have no idea. Thx.
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    magnet question

    I bought a magnet for my gal. Should I attempt to get it in her or let the vet? I've never put a magnet in a cow before, so I would also need some directions. My heifer is very bonded to me, no fear issues, halter broke, but I don't know how she'd react to a magnet being shoved down her...
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    giving shots

    There has been one thing I've learned about giving shots. The neck is the best place with the exception of the chlostridium shot. My gal developed a lump from this shot that hasn't gone away. From reading other posts it seemed that this situation occurs about 1/3 of the time. Someone on the...
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    Dehorning older calf

    I don't know when it is too old to dehorn a calf, but our hostein heifer was 6 months old when the vet dehorned her with a Barnes dehorner. He shot her with a local anesthetic then crunched the horns away. The horns were about 1.5" long. The only thing that didn't go well was one horn spot...
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    calf not eating

    This may be a silly question, but are you feeding him the grain dry? When I started my gal on starter grain, I added warm water to it to make a mash. I've also read on this board to add the milk replacer to it. Hope you have some success. (P.S. My gal was about 7 weeks old when we started her...
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    dairy equipment

    Before I was thanking you for all the dairy equipment, milking a cow info., but now I want to thank you for something far more important. I teach 4th-6th graders here in N. AZ. I have enjoyed the treasure in all your memoriesso much that I'm going to print this thread out and share it during...
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    dairy equipment

    Okay, here is where you are all going to think, Oh My, she really is a newbie...I haven't ever hand milked a cow. About 20 years ago I hand milked a neighbor's goat for about a week while they were out of town. I remeber it being a joke for the first 2 times, then I got the hang of it. I have...
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    dairy equipment

    Thanks everyone. My first priorities will be the strainer and bucket. Thanks for the milk crate idea, Dun. I had a little stool, but I really like the idea of a milk crate. I have a want ad on (a possible dairy board link???) for a pasteurizer, so we'll see what happens...
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    Heifer in heat

    I'm new at all this, but I wouldn't wait until April. Once my heifer went into heat, it was quite the noisy production every three weeks until she was 15 months old and I bred her. I bred her with a dexter bull that lives about an hour and 15 minutes away from me. I think you can do a search...
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    Calf Care

    Dun, I've always appreciated this forum, because as you said, cows is cows. I have looked for a dairy forum set up similar to this, but never hit upon one. Do you or anyone else know of a link to a good dairy forum? Hopefully there will be some faithful wells of knowledge like you, Running...