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    Need cows quick; need advice

    I thought it was about cheating the appraisal district out of property taxes by pretending to be a cattleman.
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    Hobby farmers/ranchers and the beef industry

    Thank your husband for his service, whether active military or contractor. And thank you for the sacrifices you make while doing without him. We need more hobby farmers like you.
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    Hobby farmers/ranchers and the beef industry

    Very good post. I think it's about time for you to change your signature.
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    AI for the rich and famous!!

    I think it would be fair if everybody who is against AI makes sure that they never buy a bull that's a product of an artificial breeding. Or anything AI in his pedigree. That sounds fair to me. Stand on that no AI principle. :lol:
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    AI for the rich and famous!!

    Okay, I'll give you a break. Bulls are a pain in the ass and I'm sure I'm the only one that feels that way. You're sure right about the anticipation for the next years calves, though. But I bet the guys that AI share that anticipation with us, don't you think?
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    AI for the rich and famous!!

    I've heard it all now. There's not a bigger pain in the ass that comes with a cow-calf operation than having to put up with bulls. I'd say that anybody that thinks running bulls is enjoyable just hasn't had enough of them yet.
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    Poll, please respond.

    If you ever figure out how to make $400 profit out of a cow, be sure to let the rest of us know, please.
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    Flags of our Fathers

    Pink chaps, huh? You and that woman with the bells on might make a cute couple. :lol2:
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    what to do? getting started.

    You didn't know you didn't know that picking an avatar was a decision that requires a lot of thought, did you? :lol:
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    Flags of our Fathers

    I bet you don't have bells on when you go vote, do you cowboy? :lol:
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    Flags of our Fathers only helps part of the time. :lol:
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    Flags of our Fathers

    If you're really gonna have bells on, it's probably not too hard to figure out how you vote.
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    Sell my yearlings now or sell a month from now

    That would probably be a safe bet.
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    Small Custom Feeders in NE Texas?

    Stoney Point Feedyard 5376 FM 545 Melissa, TX 75454 (972) 837-2241 FAX (972) 837-2242 Mark Quinn, DVM Robert Airhart, Mgr. [email protected] Here's a link to the TCFA member directory. Maybe you can find something else of interest.
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    Small Custom Feeders in NE Texas?

    There used to be a little feedlot north of McKinney, just out of Melissa. Last I heard they had turned it into a growing lot and a vet had bought it, but they might finish some cattle. That's the closest thing I can think of. I'll try to come up with the name for you. I know how to get to...
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    The clones are coming!

    Well, well, Caustic old buddy. :lol: You and Alice---imagine that. I could tell by the way you've been treating her that you were really just pulling on her ponytail to get her attention. Now the truth finally comes out. "Must be some kind of cosmic event in the universe....." :heart:
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    Anaphylactic sHOCK

    I just wonder why you were mass-treating instead of relying on your vaccine for protection? Were the rest of these cattle that you had bought? And like Jeanne mentioned, that's too much cheap tetracycline to put in one spot. Most labels call for a maximum of 10 ml per site. Personally, I try...
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    cattle prods

    I believe that it's irresponsible for any cattleman not to own a working hotshot. There are just too many instances where the judicious use of a hotshot will save cattle that are down on the truck, down in the chute, down with a little bit of calving paralysis, etc. In many cases, no amount of...
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    Sold some calves
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    All in one feed tubs.

    $776/ton. What else do you need to know?