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    Cattle Memes -Go

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    China Is buying US Pork again...........

    Don’t know if it’s true or not but I heard they got part of that 12 billion dollar bail out
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    cow ration
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    Taking Cattle To the Vet

    Same deal here. I was using a young guy out of Muskogee. $75 fee last time I could get him out few years ago. Advertises farm call vet in 2 foot tall letters on the side of his truck. Needed him twice the last two months and can’t get him out wants me to haul to his clinic. I give up and started...
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    Prices in 2014

    You ain’t the only one. At least you weren’t one of the ones that borrowed money to get in at the time
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    I will not buy Nikes.........

    You left out the part where the whole market fell 1300 points
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    with drought, has anyone ever fed sawdust?

    Something to look into
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    Harley sales are down........

    If I was a kid with $50k worth of student loans I’d probably skip the $20,000 motorcycle too. Sounds like Harley Davidson needs to adapt to the new market or go extinct.
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    Animal hobbies

    You might try and get ahold of Marcel Ledbetter
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    Cattle Memes -Go

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    It is. According to the “fair and balanced” folks at fox ... dustry.amp
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    Hard Cow Cull'in Now?

    I don’t know anything about this kind of thing but I’m trying to learn. A quick look at market reports looks like the best money would be sending 7 & 8 wt steers to South Dakota at $150 -$200 a head
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    Hard Cow Cull'in Now?

    I gathered that part. Are you saying buy a pot load of cull cows and truck them north to be sold or buy a pot full of younger cows to live on leased ground? Just wondering because I saw that same one I sold Monday was worth $80 more in Miles City MT. At $80 ahead could you pay the freight on a...
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    Hard Cow Cull'in Now?

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    Tennesee Ranch

    That’d be a million dollar asking price here
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    Hard Cow Cull'in Now?

    Got .48 Monday in Tulsa. Best anyone got was .57
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    The Judge

    It ain’t good for shooting at the law
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    Every day Carry

    Keep a Glock 19 in the center console. Typical Glock-simple and reliable. Nice knowing it’s there if it’s needed
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    Organic Consumers are Happy with their Choice

    It’s pretty comical.
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    Roseanne Barr TV show Canceled

    Didn’t really care for her so called humor to begin with. I was done with her after her national anthem incident