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    Priefert SO4

    Brute, got any update on how you like the SO4? I’m in about the same boat as you were. Have an old wooden chute in need of replacement with just a Model 91 headgate which I really like. By the time I were to rebuild all of the doors and such the way it is now, I think I’m way ahead to finally...
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    Barbed wire/electric fence weaning

    Our weaning pen is four strands of barb with one strand of hot HT in the middle. Works fine, key word is HOT.
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    Locker ready?

    I’ve heard you should be able to set your coffee cup on their back and not have it fall off.
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    Cattle Vaccine Regimen

    So changing needles takes a little more time... does that mean it’s not worth it? Needles are too expensive? How is a few cents more cost prohibitive given the cost of the vaccines in the first place? Do you buy the absolute cheapest vaccine or the one that gives the best protection for what...
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    Bottle calf to out with the herd

    I had this same scenario, didn’t work so well. He took a long time to get accustomed to the herd and still stayed off to the side a lot. Didn’t grow very well at all just grazing either. I penned him up in the barn when I started feeding hay regular this winter because I knew he would get...
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    Calf buy back

    There is or at least was a place around here doing that, but rumor is they aren’t doing so good I guess. You use their bulls and they guarantee to buy your feeders. There were some other stipulations also, no implants, dewormer or antibiotics. SubQ injections and other basic BQA type stuff...
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    Reasonable time to procure cattle

    A friend of mine with a dairy had the neighbors ugly mutt of a beef bull show up in his dry cow lot one day. Stopped down where he thought it might have came from and talked to the neighbors wife who confirmed it was most likely thiers. Said husband would be there to get it the next day, think...
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    Range cubes

    Not saying one way or another is wrong, just seems like a lot of responses on here saying they feed cubes as more of a treat or incentive to make handling easier than a supplement. Which I totally understand, I use a bucket of steer feed here or there for the same purpose. Just seems like if...
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    Best Terminal Breed

    I’ll be the oddball and vote Piedmontese mostly because I’m partial as that’s what we run on Red Angus. Although most now are crossbred cows, so I’ll argue the not retaining heifers mindset as well but only to the point that yes, too much Pied influence doesn’t make a good cow. I’ve never seen...
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    Range cubes

    I’ve never seen range cubes for sale around here. The local TSC was supposed to order me in a few bags to try over a year ago, after they were done looking at me like I had three heads and I showed them on the website. They never called to say they were in and when I stopped in a month later...
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    110 mig welder????

    I’m gonna go for the Miller or Hobart one of these days that runs on both 110 or 220. Seems like the most flexible option for sure. Maybe Santa will bring one for me...
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    Heifer aborted today.

    I was trying to think of something as simple as that. I did booster weaned calves yesterday and two of them got out on me. Had to round them up with the four wheeler and had some cows and heifers mixed in for a few minutes until we got everything sorted back out but it wasn’t a rodeo of any...
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    Heifer aborted today.

    I did get the Triangle 10 HB which covers the Hardjo-Bovis. I did some quick research earlier and was reading about neosporosis. It seems like a possible culprit for sure. Anybody have any experience with it? Seems there’s not a lot of options for dealing with it.
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    Heifer aborted today.

    Pulled in the lane this morning and saw a buzzard fly away from near the hay feeder and a couple others circling. Found an aborted fetus the size of a large cat or small dog, guessed to be about 5 months along or so. Checked the herd and it was clearly from one of the yearling heifers. She...
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    We have an older metal hay feeder that has a couple bent up sections from being moved around with the loader over the years. Had a yearling heifer with her head stuck in it last winter. Found her after dark when I took hay out. Of course it was one of the coldest and windy nights we had, and...
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    Won’t eat grain?

    Yeah I threw in another scoop before I left for the night and they came right up to it. Maybe they just needed to settle in for a few days too.
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    Won’t eat grain?

    Well of course they made a liar out of me and had it cleaned up when I went in today. Maybe they are normal after all lol.
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    Recent Equipment Auctions ?

    I went to one last weekend and the crowd was huge and it seemed like everything that wasnt total junk was bringing top dollar. I was hoping to find a few deals but all I bought was a couple hot dogs and drinks and I’m not too sure I got a good deal on them either.
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    Won’t eat grain?

    Not really concerned about it but found it strange... Our cows only get a little grain on occasion, mostly just when we need to get them in. Pretty much a closed herd, just about everything at this point was born and raised here. I supplement hay with grain when growing heifers, so they all...