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  1. MrGale

    Calf Problem - Any Advice?

    With the leg length difference, I think you have it..the ligaments and tendons in that leg are all stretched out, but if he can pull them back together with his muscles strengthening, the ligaments on that joint can shorten to the correct length and you will have it...he may still be a slight...
  2. MrGale

    Mysterious calf death?

    Not sure, but it ain't too often that a snake bite will swell that much....and if tissue toxic it will start to slough off after a day or two, odd that it was only one side that swelled..I agree, you should have the vet do a necropsy to find out for sure what caused it. :?
  3. MrGale

    A Puzzling One

    Vetinarian is your best bet here..we could all be guessing for years and not get it, you mneed to physically evaluate the individual animal to really get a diagnosis. :cboy:
  4. MrGale

    Calf Problem - Any Advice?

    Have you tried consulting a vetinarian on this? Could be something like BVD damage, and he might be a carrier.. :cry:
  5. MrGale

    Check hard breathing cows!!

    i think i'd be breathing a bit hard if i had a broom handle shoved up my snotlocker too....good job getting it out....
  6. MrGale

    Anaphylactic sHOCK

    that would depend on what the symptoms were when it died. if it died in 10 minutes, anaphalactic shock is a real are the rest of the calves? if they were dosed the same, and they are all ok, it could be an untoward reaction of that one calf. a post mortem might be an idea.
  7. MrGale

    Bloat ?

    take its temp....101 is normal....some of the drench might have gotten into the lungs....listen to them with a stethoscope....if gurgley, it may be a pneumonia....
  8. MrGale

    106 temp in heifer.

    also banamine or bute for the temp....101 is normal, so....
  9. MrGale

    106 temp in heifer.

    nuflor is fine, but the la200 is only good for a day or two, so hit her again....use a stethoscope to listen to her lungs from both sides....if really rattley or gurgley, see the vet asap....
  10. MrGale

    Holstein not taking off

    worm her again with avermectin type wormer (ivermectin....dectomax) push it right up to the max on the dose....then do her again in about a may have missed her the first time, or some of it hit the deck?
  11. MrGale

    Calf breathing heavy

    get a digital thermometer at the drugstore....about ten bucks....
  12. MrGale

    down cow

    find the source of the keto acidosis....take care of that FIRST. is she breathing ok? the acidosis may start to supress her respiratory system....try talking to a vet???? :(
  13. MrGale

    Effects of antibiotics on vacinations

    the antibiotics will lessen the production of antibodies from the animals own immune system, thereby lessening the effect of the vaccine to fight the disease it is intended to take care of. if the antibiotic kills the vaccine antigen off, the cow will not respond by making it's own antibodies.
  14. MrGale


    a post mortum from a vet would be well worth the money if you can....when you have a smaller operation each one is a real loss to you. maybe a post could tell you if there is something that could get other cows so you can remove it....
  15. MrGale

    "First Aid" kit

    to the above lists add aa stethoscope and a thermometer....the digital ones at a drugstore work well, but get a couple of batteries for it as spares....