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    Congrats to the Dawgs

    Carthage bulldogs won their 8th state title in the last 14 years in class 4A in texas : won 30 in a row . Go dawgs
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    Pickups Then and Now

    Just started restoring my 1993 3/4 ton 5.9 Cummings dodge , also have a 1929 ford model A with the foot starter up and running that is about ready for paint shop : just bought a 1979'mg midget with 27962 actual miles : been sitting in a closed garage since 1994 and is in excellent condition...
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    Trailers (top-hat)

    My only thought on the metal roof is the old buck knife will not do you any good if you get trapped : friend raises bucking bulls and convinced me tarps are cheap : I have 24' delta with no whistles or bells and is a good trailer , my 32' is a gooseneck with fancy floors and adjustable front...
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    A young child just got murdered and no one cares cause his dad was a crack head getting high with this sorry sob: wake up AMERICA: y'all protest when George met his doom 10 years too late ; this was an innocent baby whom was shot in the head for no reason:: we live in a sad world : we need to...
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    And the rains came

    Got more rain last night 3 1/2" so we are blessed
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    And the rains came

    Just spread 750 tons of chicken litter about 10 days ago,have gotten about 3 1/2" of rain so far and more coming ; thank you Lord
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    Kenny Rogers dies

    Saw him this spring in Carthage as he was inducted in Texas country music hall of fame ,great show as our own Linda Davis sang Dotty West parts,;only parts I did not like was when-he referral to Kent state ; he was not in the military and did not understand what thousands of us were going...
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    Setica sale beaumont

    Had high grading pen of breds 3-4 months sold for $1950 {f1 brafords], top pairs $2300, top bull $4200 charolais, did not stay for the opens as I had 2 great grandkids that me wore me out , prices were good for top tier cattle for today’s market and oil prices & corona virus ;might have been the...
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    Speaking of sausage

    Have you ever thought of considering or buying from your local ffa chapter sale ; you will be buying premium beef pork lamb chIcken rabbit that will help a well deserving high school student that will appreciate your help; it will make you feel better at the end of the sale,we have ours In a...
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    Ranch vs Farm

    The most famous chicken ranch in Texas was in LaGrange Texas , It was shut down in early 1970s by Marvin Zinler {eye witness news out of Houston] many Texas boys lost their front teeth there..stand up and testify
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    Sav sale results

    Average on 400+ bulls $ 10700; High selling bull $ 300,000 ; ; no America this year but not bad anyway with prices as they are. Picked up my Raindance son in Delhi La this thursday, very pleased with him as bought him sight unseen but I did expect SAV to pick a bull that would fill my needs and...
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    SAV no show

    Bob just called to say I got a bull yesterday ( raindance 6848 x madame pride 5400 )needed a heifer bull ,# 19542424 have not seen him so will have to wait on delivery: did not think to ask what high dollar bull sold for as I was worried about getting one myself
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    Gardiner sale results

    Did not check last years sale results but seems like average is down best I can recall : Gardiner has some of the best cattle you can buy if you are looking at end results in grading and not pounds ,each to his own as to how you want to market your cattle : sav sale on the 7th
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    Gardiner sale results

    186 bulls averaged $ 6836 ; top selling bull $ 75000
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    Hog problems - Now What??

    .6875 per foot not counting clips and your labor : works as a consultant in New Mexico 14-14 : plenty of time if flounder are not running at bolivar peninsula : I told him hire my fence man Juan Gonzales fence company and let a professional due it right : only problem with the extra wire was I...
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    Hog problems - Now What??

    As brute stated fencing is the only way to keep hogs out . I use 3 strands from the bottom strand to the ground and one strand between four and five . have not had any hog problems in 5 years except if the fence gets knocked down by a tree but then usually the bottom wires are ok : my son is...
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    Dog is losing her eye

    3 weeks ago our daughter flew one of her dogs from Saudi Arabia to us ; carried him to TAMU for cataract surgery,because of his age no surgery needed as dogs can see with one eye as good as two so everyone is happy except me as a dogs place is outside not in the house, hope your dog gets better
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    Starting your herd over again

    I run them both ways ,Brahman cows x Hereford bulls and vice verses; bulls are V8 and JDH ....gentle gentle problems calving,love my Brahman cows till it is calving time or vaccinating time and be ready to run like you are 20 years old , but they sure look good in the front pasture, using...
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    Drove up from Texas last weekend to Nebraska to pick up some angus heifers and Monday morning was 20 degrees and snow predicted that afternoon: loaded and headed south thought it was cold , son on a drilling rig on Texas/ New Mexico line said it will 16 degrees tonight:glad my drilling rig days...