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    Tractor Swimming. Need help

    Ok. old post but new material. Got it running, middle summer. got another problem now. Diesel in oil. Thoughts ? Smokes too. So is diesel running past rings into oil resevoir ? injector bad ? spitting too much fuel ? Hose hooked up wrong coming off diesel tank ? Can I change oil and limp...
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    Tractor Swimming. Need help

    Ok, couldn't get it to turn. took off the valve covers, fi lines, head. water &oil on a couple of pistons. got it cleaned. last piston is broke at the wrist pin. Not sure abt the rod. Waiting on help to pull the mfwd drive and oil pan, and cross member for fe loader. got it oiled down...
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    Tractor Swimming. Need help

    i dont remember. i pulled the starter also. thinking it may have shorted and actuated. it was fine.
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    Tractor Swimming. Need help

    ok, i took off the gas tank. pulled off the glow plugs, and still couldn't get it to turn over by hand. May not have had enough power. We had two long wrenches hooked together.
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    Tractor Swimming. Need help

    I took my tractor swimming. Not by design. There is water in the engine. Can I crack the fuel injector lines and turn it by hand to get it out? Or is it easy to take the head off? Kubota M4700. I drained every single fluid I have on the tractor.
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    A ? for all you breeders

    Simmental, Gelby, and maybe a gert. Depending on what you wanted to do with the calves.
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    New Truck?

    Where do you get a South Bend Con O or South Bend 13" conversion clutch. On your topic, My dodge gets alot better gas mileage than my ford. I wouldn't go back.
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    Water pump on 02 Dodge 2500

    Well, the belt didn't even have to be taken off. They Released the tensioner and moved the belt off the water pump. Could've done it myself, but I was still 35 min from home. Got me on the labor, took 30 min. charged me for 1 1/2 hrs. What the book allows. Plus 18 for some 24k antifreeze.
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    Water pump on 02 Dodge 2500

    Diesel. I've been researching it online. All them say easy fix. We'll see.
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    Water pump on 02 Dodge 2500

    So, I guess this is fixin to get expensive...
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    Anyone use this bull?

    We looked at this bull pretty hard. We also got the same info, I quess he was having issues and I think now they haven't been able to collect him. We ended up going Brown Commitment. I like the Mission Statement bull also.
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    Water pump on 02 Dodge 2500

    Is the water pump behind a pulley on the front of the engine? How hard, wherever it is, is that thing to replace. Novice, shadetree, or real deal...or somewhere in between those?
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    Red Angus Sire Question?

    Try some of these
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    Which Breed would you choose?

    This guy makes Matt look like a simple simon. Take care. :cboy:
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    Not so good day at the sale barn...

    You can say that again, costs $19 a pound for tenderloin. Somebody's getting pooched...
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    heifer price help

    How old are these heifers? What, angus?
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    feeding hay

    We can hope for a lot better calf prices too, but I don;t think either one is going to happen. Probably a btter chance with your choice of weather then the calf prices though I ain't worried about the calf prices I already figured it out all I need to make money is $.50 pr lb from a 6 wt to...
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    red black baldy?

    I've got some grass like this, if you want some more feel free to drop by. You can have all you want. Free!
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    Cottonseed meal/salt ratio

    I'm working on it. Whole is supposed to have 20% fat as well.
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    ATV Tires

    I have some Kenda bearclaws from atvdirect, so far so good. The bearclaws also have a newer ex version...same price.