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  1. MrGale

    Surprise donkey %(&#@!

    Donkeys I wouldn't mind, people around here in Virginia are donating horses to poor farmers what can't afford to buy them .. we havce 13 donkeys and wouldn't mind another, but dang if I wants another horse.. LOL .. Mr Gale
  2. MrGale

    Surprise donkey %(&#@!

    Jes you guys don't let Gale catch ya talkin this stuff .. Or Ms Dicey, my bestest Mammoth Donkey .. Have Fun, Mr Gale
  3. MrGale

    sick jersey

    PS to last message.... if the temp is 103 or over, hit em with an antibiotic, and then CALL THE VET....
  4. MrGale


    Ain't Dexters great???? :D :D :D :D :cboy: heifers are even better!! Robert Seddon ADCA Director Region 9
  5. MrGale


    congrads.....i agree with flaboy....if it is sucking on it's own now, you have most of the battle over....just make sure that the calf is getting enough. We had one we thought was nursing, but actually was getting nothing, and boy! what a problem that one is.... :D
  6. MrGale

    sick jersey

    #1....take his temperature....indicates metabolic rate etc... 100f-101f is usual.... he pooping? if so, check color/consistancy....if not, then there is your problem.... a vet.
  7. MrGale

    Could you touch base on the ills of going organic?

    also, if an animal gets sick i can give it antibiotics without loss of organic.... vaccinations and antibiotics to treat a disease are not what they are talking about. Lasalocid or bovatec in the feed 24-7 is what they say is illegal.
  8. MrGale

    Could you touch base on the ills of going organic?

    i use turkey/chicken poop on my fields....lasts about 1 1/2 years per application....only thing it lacks is potash....have to find a natural source of that i guess. it is "Organic approved" fertilizer and i have no loss of pasture with it. a lot easier than applying chemical fertilizer every...
  9. MrGale

    New "cattleman" in family

    You and your son should be really proud....around here the kids want nothing to do with the four letter work word....think the world owes em a living.... :cboy:
  10. MrGale

    Could you touch base on the ills of going organic?

    going organic you can get a better price for your critters by private sale, but in a sale barn they are the same as anything else from what i have seen. I use organic methods but have yet to get certified (ceptin that time they wouldn't let me back out of the hospital.... :oops: ) depends on...
  11. MrGale

    What is the best small tractor for a small farm?

    Kubota has a number of tractors in your range that are all good....bigger be better though....hydraulics are great for pto as well as front end loader and you can get a hydro transmission that really cuts down on clutch wear.... i have an M9000 and i really wail the be nice out of it....ain't...
  12. MrGale

    How Young can a Bull start working?

    depends on reliability....they can start breeding at 10 months, but % of cows bred is not going to be up to standards at that age. By 2 years they should be pretty reliable, and if not, they still taste good and are tender.
  13. MrGale

    portable corals, are they worth it?

    Saw a clysdale make a u-panel out of a 12 boot bull panel....there will be damage any way you look at it, but the ability to move and re configure the stuff is really useful. an occasional T post is a smart thing to do though....i use em for sure. the cheap ones are real junk....don't even...
  14. MrGale

    cattle hit by truck(dont know what forum to put this in)

    could also be by local ordinance, not state law. check with your local sheriff to see what the rule of thumb is there.
  15. MrGale

    cattle hit by truck(dont know what forum to put this in)

    If the cow was on a public road, the owner of the cow would be liable for any damage to the truck here in virginia....guess it depends on where you are though....some states like wisconsin state that any cow has the right of way.... :)
  16. MrGale

    How did she do that?

    Some of our black dexters have a recessive red gene that pops up when bred to a red bull.....also we have a black with a recessive dun gene that just threw a real nice dun calf....our bull is red but also carries the dun gene, so he brings out either in the cow he mates. kinda the best of both...
  17. MrGale

    Pampered cattle!

    i put the hay to em early....saves the field for another year rather than eating it down to nothing left to keep it through the winter. :)
  18. MrGale

    AI and Clean Up Bull Question

    we deal a registered rare breed, and dna testing is the only way to be really truthful with your buyer. Any AI bull has to be genotyped in our registry, and that makes it easier, as someone else pointed out. :cboy:
  19. MrGale

    Natural vs Organic Beef

    you betcha aplus....i use chicken/turkey poop a lot.... it costs about the same as the chemical fertilizer when spread, but lasts for over a year....the chemical lasts about three might depend on what the turkeys have been fed though....????
  20. MrGale

    topline evaluation

    straight back=more steaks.... :lol: