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  1. Matt


    :?: don't see the joke
  2. Matt

    herefords: horned vs. polled

    Yes and no, remember genetics plays a part, most likely if you bred yellow cow to a dark bull you would get a fairly dark calf. And don't forget coralated responce, possably the dark animals were supirior when it came to economicle traits
  3. Matt

    herefords: horned vs. polled

    Oh, I just was wondering, you see, I read that a while back and couldn't remember if it was r or m. I asked as Dunrovin Farm partially owns the great Victor x4 bull.
  4. Matt


    forgot me :(
  5. Matt

    herefords: horned vs. polled

    Dun stands for Dunrovin farms, right?
  6. Matt

    Political Cows

    I'm afraid dun that this is a much more popular battleground than your sniping thread.
  7. Matt

    Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan.

    The apology was sarcastic, also I have a bone to pick about beauty school, I'll never stand a chance :D .
  8. Matt

    Political Cows

    Jeez, I'm glad I don't have to crawl in a hole after all. I would just like to apologize to socioty, apparently I've caused some unforeseen damage...
  9. Matt


    :D :D :D
  10. Matt

    Political Cows

    Don't get ahead of your self! I have a lot of respect for women. I was refering to GP (ok I know it was corny, I just wanted to say something). I'm no sexist. Oh yeah, don't worry if I got out of line I'd get a whipping to rival any in Texas.
  11. Matt

    Cross breeding

    Here we go again... :roll: I agree though.
  12. Matt

    Political Cows

    Of course porn has to do with "Political cows", it's political, and it seems, a bunch you are cows. Oh yeah, Oreo, you've got issues...
  13. Matt

    what is the name of the hump on a brahman?

    spammer :mad: .
  14. Matt

    Black Hereford's! That is news to me.

    Any relation to Victor?
  15. Matt


    My point is they're not the same thing, Milking Shorthorn are not Shorthorn, their not meant to be used as beef (exept dairy steers), so I can't see how your losing anything.
  16. Matt

    Inappropriate comments

    Oh @#%$! another one, go away dang it. :x
  17. Matt


    Call Me ignorant, but the Milking Shorthorn is a very old breed. Even if they were a part of the same herd book, the dairy strain had been bred seperately, how does that ruin the breed?
  18. Matt

    Genetic Defects of Breeds

    Easy tiger, she made mistake, everyone does it
  19. Matt

    Black Hereford's! That is news to me.

    As long as it's not Hereford, that ones already taken, "New York Black Baldie"
  20. Matt

    Indian land claim...

    I'm sorry if I offended someone, but their is no good with a casino in your backyard, or having to pay their share of the school taxes...