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  1. MrGale

    Horse Theft

    We use the AVID chips that go in the nuchal ligament in the neck....reader we have does just about any kind of chip....costs about $25.00 a pop with registration in the avid directory....well worth it in case of a tornado or some such, at least you can positively identify the critter other than...
  2. MrGale

    Muddy entrance to stall...still a problem

    I got two loads, one of crush r run and one of #3 gravel for about $650.00 delivered to my door....large dump trucks fully loaded. :)
  3. MrGale

    MrGale on the A$$ with Class

    Thanks flaboy, but she is a donkey all the way, not a mule. :D
  4. MrGale

    Gaited horse fans?

    oh wanna ????
  5. MrGale

    MrGale on the A$$ with Class

    das MY GIRL !!!!
  6. MrGale

    Muddy entrance to stall...still a problem

    a load of #3 gravel, then a load of crush n run on top of that. works wonders. the more slop you can dredge out before starting, the less # 3 you will need, but use the #3 believe me.
  7. MrGale

    Mule types

    best way to catch em is go out in the paddock with a chair and a magazine....and treats in your pocket.... start reading the magazine for awhile....they are really curious, and sooner or later will come over to see what the heck it is you are up to....after a few days of that you will get a...
  8. MrGale


    sometimes, just rubbing the forehead can elicit a head drop....but the poll rubbing and pressure will do it every time. you can also pull down with the lead rope slightly and release as soon as the head starts to drop....also, rub in back of the spot....) :)
  9. MrGale


    thanks peg, she had never even seen a saddle or bridle or any of that stuff, but she did what i asked her to do....that is where the lbonding really pays off....she is MY GIRL, and she knows it all the way !! i rode her three of the four days of the clinic, and i have to give brad cameron a real...
  10. MrGale

    Slinging head

    wait!!!! pull back medium effort on both reins equally, and wait until the mouth softens( head comes back andmouth opens) then drop pressure on the reins immediately....he just has not figured out what it is that you want from him yet....repeated tries will let him know that.
  11. MrGale


    I just got back from a brad cameron mule clinic, and i rode dicey (my donkey) all over the place and she was beautiful!! No rodeo at all, she is so soft in the mouth that the weight of her rein will put her into a lateral stop!! I am SO EXCITED !!
  12. MrGale

    Bronco Skip

    flaboy, i am going to school with my donkey this weekend at a brad cameron clinic thingie....hopefully she will be under the saddle and not on top of it when we are you have one of those blow up spacesuit things you can lend me....i may need that.... :cboy: i have some kevlar...
  13. MrGale

    Need trainer in North Texas.

    get a trainer that works with YOU and the horse at the same time. You both need to learn stuff, and if you do it at the same time, it will form a bond that will last for many years and many great rides....good luck....
  14. MrGale

    I gotta brag

    my hat is off to you bud !! :cboy: keep it up !!
  15. MrGale


    pretty much when she wants to....some will go for a good long time before weaning.
  16. MrGale

    large horse

    nice site!! thanks....put that one in my favorites!!
  17. MrGale

    Baby nearly here!!

    keep an eye on her....and congrads!!
  18. MrGale

    large horse here is a link to see radar, the worlds tallest horse at 19 hands, 3 1/2 inches....
  19. MrGale


    get your critters measurements and go to american saddlery....can custom tree a saddle for 800 to 1000 bucks....oil the hell out of it twice before you even put it on the critter and once / twice a year after that, then you can leave it to your kids.... :D
  20. MrGale

    Wild boy coming around

    i agree with milliron on this one....if they trust you they do not want to hurt you....always a positive....have fun !!