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  1. Aaron

    Dehorning questions

    Barnes dehorner followed by cauterizing with Rhinehart dehorner. Easy peasy.
  2. Aaron


    No. Passive immunity through colostrum has been sufficient.
  3. Aaron


    Still using it. Haven't had any scour or mastitis issues since I started. Pinkeye has been eliminated and foot rot is minimal to non-existant. They cant make claims about pinkeye and footrot but other testimonials have noted the same effect. I do all the cows and heifers once a year, and...
  4. Aaron

    When will drought culling drop cattle prices?

    I don't see these prices coming down for several years, if ever. Gonna see contraction in cowherd in North America like never before in the next 3-4 years. Everyone that rode the wave in 2014 is 10 years older and there are no new 25 year olds jumping in with a million in debt to replace the...
  5. Aaron

    Opinions on JD 1600 chisel plow

    Bought one yesterday at farm auction. $1000 ($737 US). Any good? It's about as mint shape as you can get for 40 year old implement, just needs tires and hoses due to age. 8 shanks. Enough for my needs. Just want it to pull out rock up to 8" deep. Already took tires off before I snapped pic.
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  7. Aaron

    Last chess move in the 20 year plan.

    Always had a little love for the Simms 😉. Grew up around Simms/Chars/Herfs as kid, so it's come full circle. No love whatsoever for the Chars, but if they net me an extra $5-10k a year, it helps pay the mortgage on the next round of farm land acquisitions.
  8. Aaron

    Last chess move in the 20 year plan.

    The last place a guy wants his cattle is in the shade of trees all day. Cattle don't gain much weight where the grass don't grow. I've naturally eliminated all of the dark red Hereford cows from the herd for this reason; they were the first to run for shade on a hot day and last ones to leave.
  9. Aaron

    Last chess move in the 20 year plan.

    Yep. White and buckskin cattle bring the premiums in Canada. No one in North America pays more for feeder cattle than the Amish and Mennonite farmers in Southern Ontario with 50-100 head feedlots. As was told to myself and others by a very well known auctioneer/order buyer, those guys have...
  10. Aaron

    Last chess move in the 20 year plan.

    Nah, the old guy is a gentle giant. He likes an actual challenge. He'd love to take on the Simm that is same age. But I keep them separated for that reason.
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  12. Aaron

    Last chess move in the 20 year plan.

    My final plan once I reached 100 cows and had a small F1 cowherd component was to introduce either Angus or Charolais for the terminal cross. Being that Char cross cattle are an easy 10-20 cents over blacks here, it's a simple decision. Picked this guy up yesterday and will be covering my...
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  14. Aaron

    Heifer Retention ?

    Talking to the local guys in their 50s and up, none are looking to expand beyond their pre-drought cow numbers. Equipment, land and labor is too expensive to hang a fresh new rope of 1M debt around your neck at age 55 and 8% interest. Most are looking to hit the cows hard this fall (15-20%...
  15. Aaron

    Who wanted JLTrent's 7.3L?

    You had me until auto trans. If it ain't a stick, it ain't worth ****.
  16. Aaron

    Mineral feeders

    Used those types of feeders for about 15 years or so. Can bolt a FWA tractor tire to bottom of it to give it extra weight and height in muddy conditions. Attach a chain to tire and you can drag around with ATV when changing pastures. You can bust them and my original ones (Behlans) the...
  17. Aaron

    Sold a few last weekend.

    Sold a few this past weekend. Local spring sale, 1293 head. 1500 lbs each went for $1.08 US ($1.47 CDN). Top grossing cow at sale was a heavy muscled Char X at 1805 lbs went for $1.20 US ($1.6250 CDN) Top price per pound for bulls. 1885 lbs @ $1.22 US ($1.66 CDN) 3rd highest grossing...
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