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  1. J

    What dog do you suggest???

    i started with dogs about 1 year ago. i have tried several. i really like the way a border collie works. i also have a young austrialian cattle dog that works well. my best dog is a catahoula/pit dog. get a working cow dog from a farm. you have a better chance dont worry about the breed and dont...
  2. J

    best programmer for 02 powerstroke

    i purchased an f350 with a powerstroke. i have never used a programmer or chips. i like the idea of just plugging in a programmer. I am sure if its worth the cost. Comments and suggestions on best programmer for 02 powerstroke.
  3. J

    white smoke and mule?

    i did some internet reading and found cd-2 oil detergent as a potential alternative. i used it this evening and so far no more smoke. who knows the problem. its runs fine for an old mule and does the job for the price. i will keep you posted on the cd-2 and whether it fixes the problem.
  4. J

    white smoke and mule?

    I bought a mule pretty cheap that is gas. it smokes when it gets warm - white smoke. i know its most likely the rings. is there any band aid i could use to get by for a bit. i was thinking just heavier weight motor oil. runs fine just smokes. comments.
  5. J

    Shooting cows with birdshot

    I agree with wild cattle. Any means nesscary. I have had the next door bull in several times and buckets dont work but dogs do. what ever it takes.
  6. J

    Shooting cows with birdshot

    I have seen bird shot used with a 410. my neighbors bulls keep breaking the fence. we got him out and he shot him in the rear with bird shot. I have not seen him in a while. I could see using a bb gun but i would be worried about using a 12 guage.
  7. J

    What is your favorite cross for mother cows?

    I have had great luck with hereford/angus mothers on angus bulls.
  8. J


    sounds small to me. my younger angus bull is just over 2 and comes in at 1500lbs easy.
  9. J

    raising a bull vs buying

    thanks for all of the advice. i have a herd of 40 cows and 2 bulls. What I like about the bull in question was his growth rate compared to my other calfs. He is younger but has grown much faster and is more muscled. I dont have any related cows to him except one cow. For my little operation...
  10. J

    raising a bull vs buying

    i understand the feedlot concern however in FL most of the cattleman I know rarely feed unless they are short on grass or trading in cattle. I want a bull that grows out good on grass. I dont want one I need to feed 20lbs of feed to get him up to size. A good bull for me is one that can improve...
  11. J

    raising a bull vs buying

    few questions on feeding him. i rarely feed any of my cows or steer calfs. they cow well with minerials and grass. why would i need to feed him feed every day? I am in FL so I have grass most of the year. i dont want a bull that requires feed to stay sound. I have black angus bulls on my herd...
  12. J

    raising a bull vs buying

    i have always been told its better to buy a bull than raise one. i have a bull calf i would like to watch to see how he grows since as a 2 month old he looks promising. am i wasting my time?
  13. J

    Your Cattle Goals??

    Make money off my small herd is my goal. Everything I do is to make money in the cattle business. I enjoy it so I am less frustrated when I dont.
  14. J

    Windows Vista

    dont get vista. i have it and hate it. i went to linux as i hate vista so.
  15. J

    Cash Accounting

    I am a CPA. Cash is far better than accrual for several reasons. Sort of going through the technical stuff you paid for what you make and spend. Keep it simple. Use cash accounting.
  16. J

    best dog food for price

    i am looking for a high quality dog food for my cow dogs. whats is the best for my $? I have been using diamond - black gold. $20 per 50lbs. Comments.
  17. J

    diesel engine autotuners or chips

    i have never had a chip or tuner in my truck. i dont care about going fast and my truck as plenty of torque. is it worth the fuel economy to purchase a turner? Seems like a lot of fuel for the cost. Comments.
  18. J

    add muscle to herd- best bull?

    I have a small herd of 35 cows. I currently have angus bulls on them. I dont want to get something I cannot get locally or within 100 ish miles. The bulll selection is limited here to angus, charloias, beef masters and brangus. At least getting a selection from.
  19. J

    Bull Handling Tips

    I always carry a stick and bring one dog. My cows know what a dog means and they dont like getting near them. They can move fast when you least expect it. I have been charged a few times and my dog saw it before I did and the bull left quick. As said be careful as they are big enough to hurt no...
  20. J

    spring planning?

    I want to get ready for spring. I want to overseed my bahia or something similiar. I currently have real good bahia in my pasture and good soil for FL. I am not sure how effective broadcasting bahia is to overseed. What is a good plan for the spring? In am in FL. Thanks.