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    How's Gatlinburg, TN

    There's no national coverage because there isn't any looting,killing,claimed racism,hate etc....rather if you know what's going on its a small place in the hills of Tennessee that's been destroyed,yet the outpouring of love and compassion from people of different races and religions in the area...
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    SAV 10 Speed

    I currently have an opportunity to buy a son if Ten Speed that's actually pretty nice for a weanling. Moderate framed and thick good numbers all around but can't pull the trigger on the deal for some reason....
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    Anyone sell beef after processed?

    Kept a couple steers and have some interest from some people wanting to purchase a half a side of beef. What's the normal rate? And do you pay kill or processing? Do you sale hanging weight? Just looking to see what everyone else does as I have an idea on what I'd like to do.
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    Boot Jack Bulls

    We share the day BJB! Hope yours was great!
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    Weaning time

    I have two strands of reg elec wire between mine. Works pretty good as long as its HOT!
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    New Heifer

    Should make a nice cow with her lineage, but those pictures are less than desirable to have one comment on her.
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    Selection Time

    What's been the avg birth weights on the Renown and Resource calves looking at using them both on cows and Subzero on heifers
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    Vision Unanimous Angus Bull

    Seen a bull calf today at a sale I had a cow consigned to out of this bull, talk about hip! You couldn't have built this calf much better if you tried. He had a rump that wouldn't stop! Has anyone used or seen any progeny from this bull?
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    Genex bull Subzero? Thoughts?

    Anyone used him? If so let's hear the results. Or give your opinion on him.
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    SAV Resource???

    What do you like so far?
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    SAV Resource???

    Has anyone used this bull? Interested in hearing comments if you did.
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    My daughter walked the herd and picked her out. I was proud if her judgement, she moves out nicely and has taken to a halter really good so far. Looks funny in a sea of black though.....
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    What are you eating today?

    Had a hankering for chili so threw some in the crosk for tomorrow.
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    A new project for my daughter and son. We plan on using her to make club calves if all ends well
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    West Wind Rito.

    He's a pretty old bull. And if memory serves me correct he wasnt a really big bull frame wise.
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    AI calves- Investment, Priority and Chisum

    I have a chisum cow out of a new day dam. She is a nice little cow. Moderate in frame, seems to milk well and holds flesh as good as any.
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    Club calf bull?

    Thanks BJB I was hoping you may chime in. I planned on keeping it defect free regardless. Her first calf will probably just be something Angus I have in the tank. After that I hope to use some bulls that we can have fun with and that are neg on the carrier statuses, I know that limits me a lot...
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    Club calf bull?

    We picked out the heifer today and will get her at the end of the month. She isn't papered so I'm not really interested in keeping it Hereford we raise Reg Angus and my daughter wanted something different to show after seeing a Man Among Boys heifer at the last fair. There is a few heifer safe...
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    Club calf bull?

    Toying with the thought of buying a Hereford heifer to raise some club calves with so my daughter will have something other than an angus to show. What club calf bull would you use on a Hereford to produce some flashy calves? The heifer we are looking at is pretty complete overall for the...
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    Barrel feeder in tire

    Any pictures of these?