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  1. VA cattleman

    Need help with bottle calf

    Will give that a try if cutting his milk doesn’t work. Thanks.
  2. VA cattleman

    Need help with bottle calf

    He is separated. Where he was is a 15 min drive from home so wanted him closer to home to tend to him. Penned him up behind the house under a shelter. I have always left twins with their mom and supplemented as needed like you suggested but this cow was kicking the calf so bad wanted to get him...
  3. VA cattleman

    Need help with bottle calf

    I have a twin that was rejected by its mother that I have been bottle feeding. He has grown good on the Du-mor all milk protein milk replacer but he’s almost 3 months old now and the cost of milk replacer is adding up. I have been giving him fresh water and a calf starter since he was 3 weeks...
  4. VA cattleman


    From Southeast VA, 35, 7-8 generation farmer (that’s as far back as records show probably more) farming the same land my ancestors did 300+ years ago. Guess you could say it runs in our blood. Mainly grow corn, cotton, peanuts, soybeans and wheat on enough land to keep us busy 365 days a year...
  5. VA cattleman

    7 & 7 Synch protocol anyone using it?

    Tried the 7 & 7 protocol this fall on 32 head and time AI’d with no heat detection. Ultrasounded in March and had 75% AI conception. Best we have had yet. Used to use the 7 day cosynch +cidr but best we ever could get was 65%. Will be using 7 & 7 from now on.