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    My scenario,goes back to my Bulls thread

    If the bull was a yearling bought in February around here it’s unlikely a semen test was done. Probably just a tape measure. Too young and most years too cold. Most years there are still a pile of decision deferred bulls in March. Cold really messes things up. This year was the exception.
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    My scenario,goes back to my Bulls thread

    Not necessarily did the buyer ask for a vet certificate? Not clear. I wouldn't personally care if I saw it. If the bull is a dud he's a dud. I also wouldn't have unloaded the replacement if I wasn't happy with him. Also mentioned replacement bull wasn’t in sale. So what were terms and...
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    My scenario,goes back to my Bulls thread

    I’ll bet the bulls nuts actually degenerated. Happens for a variety of reasons. I’ve seen it and heard of it before. Wouldn’t call it common but it’s not uncommon either. Some breeders offer credit or replacement of equal value. Some give money back. the bull can still be sent back...
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    Bull Sale catalog

    Might be a Canadian thing I don’t know but if you don’t include a picture of the bull above or beside the pedigree so I can see what I’m looking at your catalog goes straight to the burning barrel. the last thing I look at after picture, video, bw, ww, yw and his scrotal measurement is epd...
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    Portable trough’s came today.

    They don’t have any dents, all their paint and the tires are fully inflated. It threw me off to as to what I was looking at. It should work well for you. Good water makes such a difference.
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    last two mattresses have been foam memory temper pedic knock offs. I have lots of back issues and wife has joint issues. Always warm when you get in and we both sleep much better. First lasted 12 years and we are onto number two. If there is one thing I have learned in life never try to save...
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    Brangus production sale

    The day of the auction mart productions sales are headed the same way as the dinosaurs. Cost wise a producer can cut 10k or more off his costs. Trucking, hotels, meals and auction mart rental add up. Absolutely everything here both female and bull sales is videoed and online. A lot of guys...
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    Brangus production sale

    It’s the way of the future and the best way to go. More and more around here are going that way. Not only is it less stressful on the animals it’s less stressful on the consigner. I much prefer this as a buyer. No need for an auction mart guys are doing it in their shop/machinery shed or I...
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    Heifer Bull

    A decent heifer bull will run you 5-6k next spring up north here, is my best guess. A good one will be 10k plus. Keep him if you think you can calve him.
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    Couldn’t disagree with you more. Quickest way to lose your shirt is to buy all the replacements. I buy a few every year to bring in outside genetics and occasionally for tax purposes however when you look at the old cows around here it’s rare to see an old outsider. They simply don’t adapt...
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    Went for a drive

    What’s up with the stop sign? Beaver crossing?
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    Will a bull be able to change post thaw quality

    Instead of over thinking just dump what’s left. Bull is a dud. He is costing you money by not settling cows. Lots of other options out there. Take the credit and get something that can breed your cows
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    What is Your Favorite Breed of Cattle?

    They are hard to find in the snow.
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    Ever seen one of these ?

    Can’t screw that up. Cook the Japanese way. 30 seconds on each side with a red hot grill and serve. You have to keep your fork in the steak at all times so it doesn’t get up and run away
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    3/4 Brahma 1/4 Angus black heifers will get you access to the membership and you should be able to find a breeder in your area, likely one that has some Simbrahs as well and can point you in the right direction.
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    3/4 Brahma 1/4 Angus black heifers

    Rugged R Cavill. I’m in Canada so not familiar with a lot of American bulls. Fgaf Guerrero is another. Semex carry him but not sure if available in US.
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    Something never tried

    I’d leave him a bull. In western Canada he would sell easy. If he turns out real good he will bring good money. Even if he is sub par he’d sell.
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    Opinions please

    my herd is Fleckvieh. I’m in Canada
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    Opinions please

    In my opinion and experience horned cattle are just better. 2 minutes extra work when they are born but they are easier keeping and perform better. There are some good polled bulls but they are the exception rather than the norm. Not trying to start an argument, just my experience and yes a...
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    Opinions please

    Fleckvieh. Just make sure he’s a non diluter which the majority of breeders test for now. Get a horned one too.