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    cow peas

    I planted a few lbs per acre with some sudan in 2022. It was really hot and dry so I don't feel anything did much good. They did however get about 3 foot tall with the sudan. Took the cows a few days to start eating them but they went for the peas first on daily moves after they learned. The...
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    Fertilizer with Grazon next

    Our local chemical guy(not a corteva rep) that sells to both local fertilizer companies was talking the other day about grazon and duracor on dry fertilizer. He likes grazon better because the 2,4-D off gasses and does work on the leafs not just through to soil. Duracor doesn't do this as there...
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    Feeder for loose feed, auger feeder?

    I've been buying bulk feed and picking it up in a grain cart and then filling 5 gallon buckets. Up to 10 buckets a day right now and will likely end up feeding as many as 20 a day this winter between the finishing group and the weaned calves. Does anyone have experience with the various...
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    Army worms

    Feed store here has been pushing some seed coating that is supposed to help a little with army worms. It's mainly for bugs in the soil that eat the seed from my understanding but I don't know much about it. There are also some sprays that are supposed to last 45 days. So if you timed it right...
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    Wheat no tilled?

    If you still have some summer grass available I would sure graze it first. The wheat won't go anywhere unless bugs eat it. If you are feeding hay then try grabbing and pulling on a tuff and see how hard it is to pull out of the ground.
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    Calf prices

    Most pairs are being split and Jan-march calving cows which is common here are going to slaughter no matter of age. A weaned heifer calve will bring almost as much as a young bred cow.
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    Bermuda Sprig Grazing Wait Time

    I've never sprigged an acre myself but when I worked for my neighbor he did about 300 acres under pivots. In the fall he got it plowed good and smooth and planted wheat and turned the cows in after it got about 6 inches tall. In February he had it sprigged right into the stand of wheat and never...
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    I remember someone telling me that grasshoppers lay their eggs in bare soil. Also that they prefer lower quality and or mature plants. That makes sense. We see more grass hoppers where our pasture is thinner. We don't have many were the grass is thicker and ground is always covered. Don't have...
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    We spray vantacore I believe it is. That's how you say it not how you spell it. It's supposed to last 30-45 days. It seems to be doing the trick 2 weeks in. I have seen people spray their fields then go back a few days or week later and spray the outsides round or tow again as the neighbor...
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    Stockpiling Sorghum Sudan

    It's defiantly not a risk free feed. However it can be a very cheap winter feed source. Just have to manage the risk according to your operation.
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    Pivot Irrigation. How much water per pass?

    Thanks for the input. The problem now is that empting the ponds on either case is and inch or less. Not ideal. It's always enough water to water in some fertilizer but never enough to make a good crop if it doesn't rain a little along.
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    Pivot Irrigation. How much water per pass?

    I have one pivot leased this year and am managing another. Neither make full circles so there is some challenge there. The leases pivot is on very sandy ground and has sudan planted under it. I'm not sure the gpm from the wells but it isn't enough to water as much as I would like. Wells pump...
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    2.5 cows per acre

    How many tons per acre per year can you get off of a irrigated bermuda field in Georgia? Curios how it compares to central Texas.
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    It might be useful to know that an acre inch of water is about 27,150 gallons. We use that number alot when figuring pump size. For example a pump pumping 100 gpm (gallons per minute) could put an inch of water on over 5 acres in a 24 hour period. So 100gpmx60 minutesX 24hours=144,000 gallons...
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    Custom hillside mowing

    Anyone in your area started to use drones to spray row crops? I haven't seen any in my area, not much row crop here. But I have been seeing them alot on Social media in certain areas. That would be one way to spray the weeds and maybe some brush on those steep hill sides.
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    What’s everyone else using

    I like vortex. I feel like it's pretty good for the money. The glass is just good enough on the mid level stuff to be pretty enjoyable to look through for someone that's owned a lot of cheap optics. I try to avoid looking through any high dollar stuff, not knowing what the best is makes me...
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    We've had two polaris rangers, both bought used. A 2011 and a 2018. We retired the 2011 with 14,000 miles when the second engine went out. Bad air box design like someone said. It has too much else wrong with it to keep throwing money at it. It's been replaced with a cheep project Kawasaki mule...
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    2.5 cows per acre

    So a dairy farmer has to have that much grassland for his dairy herd too or just beef producers?
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    Hay prices

    Yep that good hay is worth keeping. It'll last 3 years around here pretty well.
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    Hay prices

    Just doing some quick math on inputs for irrigated coastal in my area I bet rain or not the floor on irrigated hay is $100 plus. That's not to say if it keeps raining there won't be dry land bringing $50.