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    Prussic warning

    Don't give them any ideas!
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    Tedder talk.

    A tedder is a valuable piece of equipment in Western Oregon, where we are challenged to get good hay-making weather in late May and often times well into June. Really helps with the drying process and the ability to make high-quality forage.
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    Starting A Program

    Buy stock from well-proven bulls that have females in production and can be judged on how THEY produce. I would avoid stock out of a young, unproven bull no matter what. Many of the "bull of the month club" members fizzle out after a few years because their offspring don't live up to the...
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    Cull cows

    So I had to see it with my own eyes. Never thought I would see $1.00 per pound cull cows but there were a couple Saturday at our local livestock auction (Eugene Livestock Auction in Junction City, Oregon). Lots of butcher cows sold for over 90 cents per pounds and tons in the 85 to 90 range. All...
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    When is the best time of Ag Lime?

    Early fall is the best time in my neck of the woods. Usually takes 6 months for it to start having a positive effect.
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    Where would you go?

    MMMMMMMMMMMM ... razor clams. You guys are making me hungry. A seafood delight!
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    Finally some fun football

    This weekend's games were absolutely awesome. Even if you weren't fans of any of those teams, those games were amazing and fun to watch. My only complaint is the NFL has to change its overtime rules. To basically let a coin toss decide the winner is ridiculous.
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    Connealy Final Product

    Good bull, well proven, you'll like his calves.
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    Tractor insurance through the company

    Kenny, is that a good thing or a bad thing? What I mean by that is have you had to make so many claims that you would never buy another Kubota? I ask because I am currently looking at tractors -- the few that are available at dealers -- and Kubota is right up there at the top of my list. If I'm...
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    100% or ??

    As everyone else has noted, the first cow pictured in your original post is definitely not purebred Jersey. She is definitely crossbred. Your pcitures of the other "mystery cows", I'd say the cow is part Hereford and part Shorthorn, but that is a bit of a guess on my part and based strictly on...
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    Sexed Female Semen

    I have had very good success over the years with female sexed semen. Strongly recommend it. I've had my best conception rates when breeding off naturally observed standing heats instead of using some sort of timed synchronized protocol. My conception rates have rivaled those of when using...
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    Pulled in out of the pasture

    Congratulations. That speaks to the quality of cattle you raise.
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    My oops mama!

    I'd love to see a photo of the S A V Priority daughter you have. I always thought he made good females, but you sure don't hear about them.
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    I can make money selling freezer beef

    I think in the current situation we are in, there is money to be made selling quarters, halves and wholes. I do it on a small scale and have done OK. Not getting rich, but covering all of our expenses and making a few dollars. When I figure that and take our property tax reduction for being in...
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    Optimal time to let a carcass hang

    The optimal hang time depends on what your goals and plans are for the carcass and, if you're selling the meat, how you are marketing it. Of course, you need to have a butcher/processor who is on board with your plans and has the cooler space to accommodate your wishes. My butcher typically lets...
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    Best disinfectant to use when cutting calves

    Chlorhexidine solution mixed with water for the castration tools, chlorhexidine scrub to clean the area, and a good fly spray/ointment when you're done.
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    Sick world we live in!

    Sadly, I think we may already be there.
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    Moving day

    Nice fences Dave. I'll bet those are fun to maintain. They look so pristine. I don't dare show my wife (or neighbors) this. I'll be building more new fences!
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    Other interests

    When time allows, I'm big into sports and attending sporting events. I'm in Oregon, and my wife and I have season tickets for Oregon State University football, partial season tickets for OSU men's and women's basketball, try to go to a few OSU baseball games (three NCAA national championships...