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  1. MrBilly

    Dung beetles use Milky Way to navigate away from poo pile

    This is true and here is the news release about the study! We've been missing this all along and it was right under our noses. :banana: This is true and here is the news release about the study! We've been missing this all along and it was right under our noses...
  2. MrBilly

    The Wives' Cars

    Honda Pilot, 2010. Billy :banana:
  3. MrBilly

    Hay savers/feeders

    We purchased about six J and L Haysavers many years ago and just love them. They are cone feeders and I do believe they reduce waste. Ours does not have a floor and doesn't sit on skids as the new ones do. See standard at When we purchased them we...
  4. MrBilly

    Electronic restraint of cattle

    Unruly doesn't mean crazy -- the latter go the the sale barn. For instance, we have a beautiful 2200 lb bull that has an abscess in one claw after stepping on nails. He is so big that we can't put his neck in the head gate. If you try to give a subQ shot in the neck, I tried, he moves his neck...
  5. MrBilly

    Army Worms are Marching in GA

    I'm still spraying and on some fields the third time around. My co-op people tell me that there is no withdrawal for hay or grazing for Sevin. They also gave me a good website to read the labels on. This site allows you to put in specific information you are looking for rather than having to...
  6. MrBilly

    Electronic restraint of cattle

    We have a RAU immobilizer. We don't use it much, but when we really need to do something and the cow is very uncooperative the immobilizer works very well. I believe it improves our safety when working that occasional unruly cow. Is it worth the money, that will have to be your decision...
  7. MrBilly

    Army Worms are Marching in GA

    I'm about ready to bale army worms instead of hay. We've been fighting these critters for over six weeks and they are winning. Even despite using a combination spray which includes Sevin (1 qt/A) plus Imidin (2 oz/A) plus crop oil (1 qt/A) which we were told should hold them at bay for at least...
  8. MrBilly

    johnson grass

    I posted this under feedyard for some dumb reason. Here are the pics of our home made wick. Billy Go to this URL where you can enlarge the pics: ... puser=4087
  9. MrBilly

    Johnson grass

    Hey, Billy's Wick Wiper Go to this URL where you can enlarge the pics: ... puser=4087 Billy
  10. MrBilly

    What'll Kill Horsenettle?

    We have seen this also, the clover came back most likely because there was an abundant seed bank in the soil. Most of the time if there is not a lot of horsenettle we just spot spray using Grazon P+D, or should I say my wife does this. But we have one field that is just terrible and will spray...
  11. MrBilly

    Kubota RTV VS Polaris Ranger - or other options

    They both do well in mud, that is, if they have 4 wheel drive -- that is a must! Billy
  12. MrBilly

    Kubota RTV VS Polaris Ranger - or other options

    We have two old mules and one Kubota 900 RTV. I too am tall, 6'3", and the Kubota is much more comfortable for me. The seats of the Mule are much lower and do tend to wear out fast == as far as the covering. I've had quite a bit of problem with the Mules (listed in this website elsewhere), but...
  13. MrBilly

    johnson grass

    We just wick the JG with a 50% solution of roundup and water. Does a great job and it is cheaper than general spraying. Make your own wick. I discussed making the wick here about five years ago. See: Scroll the the posts to find. I'm still using this same wick five plus years later. The...
  14. MrBilly

    Kill small trees and brush

    We use PastureGard which contains two active ingredients, triclopyr and fluroxypyr. Works great for us as a spray. Billy
  15. MrBilly

    Tall fesuce clumps?

    Tall fescue is a bunch grass so it tends to be a clump. But, many of the clumps are in areas where manure was previously - more nutrition - more clump size. Billy :banana:
  16. MrBilly

    Hay Rings

    The J and L rings are great. We have had them for several years and won't go back to anything else. Luckily we bought, with others, a trailer load at the time and they were only $650 each. For once, I made the right decision. Billy
  17. MrBilly

    Putting Water on the Ground

    I think the best way to handle this is to contact a local dealer. Go to Kline's website. I'd pencil in the costs of running propane and putting in an electric motor, electricity is still far cheaper than gas. Billy
  18. MrBilly

    Putting Water on the Ground

    We put in Kline several years ago and just love it. We pump out of a lake on the farm. For 36 A we have ten rows of pods, and use a 10 hp single phase electric motor to pump 140 gallons/minute. This puts one inch per week on the 36 A pumping 16 h per day. Electric cost is around $11/day. Can't...
  19. MrBilly

    Kubota RTV 900 CV Joints and Axles going out

    I mentioned a while back that I had a CV joint go out on the rear of the RTV. I told a friend about this and he took his in and they found that both of his were bad. I'm no mechanic so I don't understand all this, but when the cv joint goes it apparently ruins the axle also - or is it all one...
  20. MrBilly

    Kubota RTV 500

    I took a peek at an RTV 500 yesterday at the dealer and did not find any cv joints in the rear. Is that correct hurleyjd? If so, ignore my comment. Good luck. Billy :banana: