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    Replacement Heifer winter feeding

    We winter replacement heifers on stock-piled grass, hay, mineral and cubes once a week to keep them handy. Start 'em out like you expect them to hold out. That being said, we're in North Central Texas so we deal with little to no extreme cold and snow. We do have to contend with cold rain, though.
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    Lady killed by feral hogs in Chambers County Dang, I've always been half scared of feral hogs anyway after seeing dogs tore up. Now after reading about this poor lady,I may never leave the house . Caustic Burno & Greybeard, have y'all heard anything...
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    Pen renovations

    I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures. We could use a renovation of our pens but it keeps getting pushed farther down the to do list.
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    How to lose money cutting calves

    Was this on Saturday? There's nothing like an ER visit on Saturday night! I bet that hand's sore today. You're a lucky man you didn't do more damage than you did.
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    Fair pay

    I haven't paid anyone to chisel plow;however, this late spring we did pay to have 60 acres disced, smoothed with drag, seed broadcast ( that we provided ) and rolled. The total cost was $4,000.
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    Ground disturbance for ryegrass

    I will gladly take some of that rain off your hands; we're dry up our way. :lol:
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    Friday evening

    I'm sitting on the front porch watching the cows and calves graze by while enjoying an adult beverage and counting my blessings. What a great way to spend a Friday evening.
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    We've had a dry spell since mid-June. If I remember correctly, we've had about 2" since then - a quarter inch or less at a time- up until yesterday.
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    We've been blessed with 2 inches of rain this morning and it's still raining. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers!
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    Establishing WW B Dahl

    IF you get a nice stand of grass, you can graze it lightly. Next year's crop depends on not only the seed produced but the plants from this year. I don't doubt that WW B Dahl is expected to be $25/lb next year. I paid $20/lb this spring from Turner Seed in Breckenridge.
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    How far does everyone else let there boots go?

    just about as far as you do. The soles on my old Ariat work boots were coming loose earlier this summer; I used gorilla glue on them and they're good as new now. ;-)
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    Sale barn chances

    If you're serious about increasing your herd with some good doing females, you might try buying some heifers from a neighbor or friend. That way you at least know a bit about the herd they come from, conditions where they were raised, etc. I rarely sell heifers at the sale barn unless it's a...
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    .....or May like it some years. Either way that makes for looong summer. The heat's suppose to break here by the middle of next week - highs back in the mid 90's. I'm thankful for anything below 100 this time of year.
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    What's hybrid vigor? This baby is PUREBRED ANGUS!

    Bless his heart.
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    Solar Farms

    Good thing they pay the taxes. We purchased some land last year that had been ag exempt forever. For some reason, when the tax bills were mailed the ag exemption had dropped off ( even though we had contacted the tax office). The bill was $7800 and change! When we contacted the tax office, they...
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    weather related issues in the hay meadow...

    early not rarely. stupid autocorrect.
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    weather related issues in the hay meadow...

    we had overseeded with ryegrass for an rarely first cutting. we finally got it cut and baled over Memorial Day weekend....about 3-4 weeks past it's prime. the cows won't care in January :) . the regrowth is beautiful, lush and green ......except for the drowned out areas.
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    weather related issues in the hay meadow...

    The 10+ inches of rain in May alone is causing some problems in my hay meadow. It appears there are several low lying areas that sat underwater too long and the grass has died. :( The rest of the meadow is growing like the proverbial house afire. Looks like next year's project will be...
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    Your Church Might be a Redneck Church if.....

    "WHEN..... in a congregation of 500 members, there are only seven last names in the church directory." Wow that's a big congregation in our neck of the woods! We don't have half that many on Christmas or Easter.
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    suggestions for summer annual

    Thanks for all the suggestions. When we started this project on December 17th, the plan was to have cleanup/clearing done and seed planted by mid-April. Mother Nature had other plans. Now I'm trying to figure out something for erosion control on the areas that are being cleared. Hopefully, next...