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    Hauling farm tractor

    At Andrews, SC going to Enville, TN
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    Hauling farm tractor

    I need to get a NH 7610 hauled about 690 miles. What would you expect to pay for that move?
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    50 years later

    You finally did it, that's what counts.
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    Broom sedge hay

    At what stage of growth did you roll it? My cows love it if I can roll it before it heads out but won't touch it afterwards.
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    GPS Again

    I am wondering what GPS system with autosteer that you think is best if money were no object. I do a fair amount of spraying for folks and have the Trimble 500 that seems to do fair but not totally sure about it's accuracy. Your comments and opinions are solicited.
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    She's a good one. Makes one think there is hope for the next generation. I wish her well.
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    Attempting to bale tomorrow

    Very good advice for the average round baler but if you have a Kuhn with opti-feed you can start the bales at pto speed and never look back no matter how dry or green. Best one I have ever pulled by far. No, I'm not associated with Kuhn.
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    John Deere 6310 over heating

    This may be a stupid question but have you taken the screen out that is just in front of the radiator and cleaned it? Mine can clog up pretty quickly when I'm baling.
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    CM Trailers

    If they compare in quality with their truck beds then I would recommend them.
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    Foam for Tractor Tires

    Thanks Brute, do you notice any hopping or shaking running at road speed?
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    Foam for Tractor Tires

    Does anyone use foam or have any info on the cost of putting it in or how it rides with it in verses air in a radial tire? Any help will be appreciated.
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    Memorial Day

    Thanks Jed, we must never forget them.
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    Looking for a John Deere Loader

    That's what I am finding. Been trying to find a 640 JD self leveling one for about 5 years.
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    I need a new multi tool

    Which model of the SOG do you prefer? Amazon has several listed.
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    Hay wagon build

    Sky, that looks like some of my bargains, looks like you use it almost every day. :D
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    New trenching tool

    Thanks for the tip, that will help me bury some underground fence wire at gates.
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    Thinking about new hay cutter??

    Either of your tractors should pull either mower just fine. I wouldn't suggest over 10 mph though.
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    DIY - Palp Cage

    TB, access to the back of a cow is all I use mine for but you are braver than me working them from behind unrestrained. I like to have their head in the catch gate so they can't go either way.
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    DIY - Palp Cage

    Looks good and they are very handy when you need to get behind a cow or calf. How much do you figure that you saved in labor and materials over buying one from Priefert?
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    JD 459E baler?

    Or worse Italy.