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    Cherry tree leaves?

    It’s also my understanding that a newly downed cherry is fine. It takes some time for for the leaves to wilt and toxins to move to the leaf surface. Also rain will reduce toxicity by washing off the cyanide. But it’s still all Russian roulette - I know what I’m doing this fall :)
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    Clipping pastures

    Interesting. Keeping the grass in vegetative state seems like money well spent for what you might lose in trampling by driving over it. I suspect that concept may be too late for this year but good feedback for the future. Can't believe how quickly it headed out. I don't have much fescue. Mostly...
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    Clipping pastures

    I always clip after they leave a pasture - they never eat it all. Clipping a heavy pasture has me nervous for all the reasons already said. The tractor will flatten a lot of good feed. Then brushogging that thick could tend to cover up growing feed (I would think). Not sure what to do.....
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    Clipping pastures

    Starting a new thread from the pinkeye thread - I probably should have been clipping pastures this year. Getting pretty tall. I’ve never had to do it before. I do pretty intense rotational grazing. When do you clip? I assume you mean brush hog? Do you just carry the brush hog at the highest...
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    cheaters never tournament fraud

    Funny. "Cheaters never prosper" is the biggest lie in the history of the world made up by some person who was jealous about how prosperous all the cheaters are. Only reason not to cheat is because you're living into some other higher meaning or purpose in life - that something matters more to...
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    Bull testing

    Breeder always gets the blame. I have people come to me all the time all torqued off about a bull that doesn't work they bought from someone else. In almost all cases I've personally heard about, it's just the way it goes. Best a breeder can do is try to make it right. At 5 years old, I...
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    Pink Eye?

    "Do nothing" is rarely a prescription for success with pinkeye. I vaccinate. Does it work? I don't know. I don't get much pinkeye. Would I otherwise? I don't know. But when I see weepy and squinting combo, I give LA300 immediately. Sooner the better. Grass is tall this year so I'm keeping...
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    3/4 Ton Truck Recommendation

    If you’re in the salt block I’d go ford and aluminum body all day. Personally I just found a 6.6 duramax LMM one owner with 135,000 miles. Adult farm couple owned since new. $15,000. Got 20mpg on the 400 mile trip home. Gonna be my daily while my 02 LB7 is my farm truck. That said - im...
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    Bull testing

    To me this is more or as critical as a BSE. BSE says he has a penis and it’s loaded. Doesn’t say anything about if he knows how or cares to use the gun. I realize that’s probably harder for cows on range.
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    AI conception rates

    Those are good rates IMO. I hate running them through the chute that many times but it’s also what I’ve found works best. That said, I’m going to use bulls more frequently again. The ai calves dont seem any better than my cover bulls and I don’t have to pay for all the ai certificates. We will...
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    Be careful with those guns.....

    Oddly not one single school shooter was a rapper. Go figure.
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    which eats more...

    That's a relief. I thought sure one of them was eating less than the others. Glad we got that sorted out.
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    which eats more...

    Do you manage pasture by head or by lbs? Which eats more gass, a 1500 lb young bull, a 1500 lb mature dry cow or two 750 lb maturing heifers?
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    Young heifer bred

    If you have a date when she was bred you could induce her a week or so early ….
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    Upside Down Calf

    I had an upside down calf in a first calf heifer last year too. Fortunately for me it seemed to flip pretty easy. My first one of those in 30 years also.
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    Aborting Calves

    Some humans can’t carry a pregnancy either. It happens. I’ve invested money in placenta and fetal tests and such in the past searching for answers and only poorer for it. If she’s the only animal doing this chalk it up to the mystery of life and death and move on.
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    The End of EPDs?

    ohlde was really almost railing against them in their sale book. Almost felt like an attack on GAR. Look up their sale bull on the Angus website and the data isn’t even filled in. Almost buying blind from an EPD standpoint. As much conspiracy theory there is these days I’m really surprised no...
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    Feeder futures

    Because then they would be jokingly confused for beef calves is I suspect the point. No need to get amped up. I don’t think anyone is trying to rule the world through black cattle.
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    Best first cow to get to raise to breed for beef and gentle disposition. What is best age to get them? I would like to get 2 and raise 2 calves

    I did this 30 years ago. I went from “I don’t know anything about cows” to 30 head and selling registered bulls. There’s no easy way to do what you’re thinking of doing except to say get some friends who know what they are doing to come over and help when you need help. Find someone to buy some...
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    Bad luck keeps on coming

    I think you could make “bad luck keeps on coming” an entire category on any livestock board. Put it between “calving” and “health”