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    Breeding bull to daughters

    For good or bad, I did this, this year. I didn't keep any heifers the last couple of years, and I tightened up my breeding window & used that as my cull criteria to cut my herd size. This spring, I looked at the 5 yearling heifers & decided my current bull threw the kind that I want to keep...
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    Autumn olive leaves

    I've got Russian Olive. They're like crack to my goats, and the goats will get rid of them. My cattle rub on the shrubs but I've never seen them eat them and certainly never had any sick from them.
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    getting a reading on a fence, with charger unplugged

    I could shut off the breaker for the power line that goes to the charger in Zone 1, and test crazy wire. If it gives no reading, then I've found the source for the stray voltage. If it still gives a reading, I'll pass all the information to the electrician because it's over my head, and likely...
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    getting a reading on a fence, with charger unplugged

    Good suggestions JW. Zone 1 charger has both the ground and the hotwire buried within a foot of a water hydrant that is on a T, with the source going to the house, and the other outlet to an automatic waterer. The waterer has electric to it, but only when plugged in. It is not plugged in...
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    getting a reading on a fence, with charger unplugged

    I have a Gallagher SmartFix fence tester. I have a lot about 200' x 200', one run on the top is not connected to the other sides but when I test it, the tester flashes crazily. It should show nothing, it shouldn't react at all on a dead wire. Today I thought I'd get to the bottom of the...
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    My favorite little heifer...

    You folks with red tinged black cattle, how much copper is in your loose mineral? I have Herefords, went with a mineral mix with 2500 ppm copper and my Herfs got a rich red coat, except a few that some ranchers call 'mellow yellow' but it's a nice shiny coat. It also tightened up my calving...
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    Stuck PTO Shaft

    In 2015 I started farming on my own. Everything was working OK that year. The next year when I was servicing the hay equipment I had several implements that had sticky PTO shafts. I ended up pulling them apart and using emery cloth on them, along with diesel to cut through the grease & dirt...
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    Fixing the lights on a trailer

    I took out the bolt where a ground was attached. It was on the hitch, attached to the wire that goes to the emergency brake. I sanded it clean, put it together and still no lights. I know my husband had a tester, I just need to find it. I think I'll call a brother or nephew, I think it's...
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    Fixing the lights on a trailer

    Wasps kept running me out of the head of the gooseneck, had to get more spray last night. I suspect the ground wire comes out of the wiring harness at a black box tucked in the back side of the hitch. That would fit with what Lucky said about trailers grounding through the ball.
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    wheel hay rake

    I broke the reel on my old IH mower/conditioner last year and bought a used NH haybine to replace it. The lady was selling all her hay equipment and I ended up buying her 2 basket tedder and a wheel rake. I kept my old 4 bar IH rake. I don't see any way to rake more than (2) 9' swaths with...
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    Fixing the lights on a trailer

    I thought it was the plug when I took it to the dealer. They did a nice job of replacing the plug. The flatbed trailer has no problem with it's lights when plugged into my truck so I'm assuming my truck is fine. I did clean up the connections at the battery before I took the trailer to the...
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    Fixing the lights on a trailer

    I hooked up the gooseneck a couple months ago, lights didn't work, jiggled the plug and the lights came on. 2 weeks later I couldn't get them to come on. I plugged another trailer into the truck, and the lights worked fine so I assume the truck side is good. I took the trailer back to the...
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    miracle calf

    Definitely a miracle calf! Usually a head back indicates the calf is already dead. They need to help get their heads up in place, too. Pushing the calf back gave it enough room to get its head up. I figure any pull where the heifer gets on her feet is not too bad. I'd keep her.
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    So Long, My Old Friend

    I've been away from CT for a few years and thought I'd come back and see who all was still here. Sad to see Dun has moved on to a new permanent location.
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    Is it safe to drink milk from a Johnes cow?

    Lucky_P, I've gotten into goats the last couple years in addition to the beef cattle. It seems many of the people with goats positive for Johnes are pasteurizing their milk and bottle feeding their kids. Are they just reducing their risk but not eliminating the risk of passing it on to the...
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    Correlation, Causation, and Coincidence

    Fascinating information on breedback. I'm dealing with a much smaller scale here but had trouble with my 2 year olds breeding back this year. Same sire as last years heifers, but I had them in better shape and slightly bigger this year. Had to pull & cull several last year, NO pulls this...
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    2nd year showing bull need tips to get him to walk again

    If she is showing him for showmanship, check the rules. Juniors aren't allowed to show bulls in most of the junior shows around here. Get her a feeder calf or breeding heifer. I think a bottle raised bull is a train wreck waiting to happen, showing him greases the rails.
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    Bull necks

    That angus has plenty of curvature to his neck, he just has the poll of his head way above the top of his shoulders. I'd be more concerned about that bull's attitude than anything. I do agree with you, I like the look of the first two. I've had enough 'high-headed' cattle to last a lifetime.
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    Stockpiled Forage

    Ryegrass won't hold up for stockpiling as well as fescue. If any fields have a higher percentage of ryegrass, I'd feed that one first.
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    first my twin, now my turn--quad bypass

    GB -- doing what the doctor orders is probably the best thing you can do for yourself & your wife. The next best thing for your wife is to see if she needs help with those chores. If she says 'no', then trust her on it. Praying for your healing, your wife is too young to make her a widow!