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    JC Martin saddles

    Dale Martin and J C Martin are two way different saddle companies. Dale Martin is a great saddle but no experience with J C Martin. My guess would be not great. You get what you pay for. Me personally Billy Cook is a pretty good saddle for the money if you are talking off the shelf. Circle Y and...
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    Post a random thought

    Like I told my Dad one time when he was giving me crap about who wore the pants “ I figure you can either wear them or get in them”, I thought he was going to die laughing!😂
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    Post a random picture

    Sometimes you see things and the only thing you can do is try and convince yourself she is a cat person and it never would of worked out anyway!😂😂
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    Loading Chute

    My guess from the pics is the winch just pulls the landing gear looking apparatus up. Flip the lever to rotate the axle up out of the way. Then set it down and adjust front height with jacks to trucks. That is just a SEWAG from the pics.
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    Scotland-Ireland vacation Advice please

    Good advice as usual and great to see you around. Hope you and the family have been doing well.
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    Hay cutting time !

    Called for 6 days here with no rain. Got a pretty good shower today right as I finished tedding🤬. Yep it is hay season.
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    Post a random picture

    That is one big old sow! Especially since she is fresh off winter.
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    Case 495 Struggling

    Guessing that is pretty similar to a 485. I had one that gave me fits turned out it was the short little hose that runs up from filters to the injector pump. Wouldn’t leak but it was sucking air. Pretty common on those tractors. My buddy that is a diehard Case man fixed it in 5 min. I futzed...
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    T-post one, me zero

    No sir. It all started with lawyers, malpractice insurance and laws that they have to treat you even if you can’t pay.
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    Close to $2.00 killer bulls

    4% shrink puts him at 2375 in the pic., just saying😂
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    T-post one, me zero

    A lot of overhead to running a hospital so it is not the amount of the bill that chaps your arse as it is the fact that if you were an illegal immigrant your bill would be zero. Same goes for the native Gov’t freeloaders.
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    Close to $2.00 killer bulls

    Big but it takes a lot of beef to make 2400. I am going 2375.
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    Daily Chuckle

    Had to laugh when I read this as it was a very similar story when my wife and I started dating. It was frozen chicken breasts and she had every intention of putting soy sauce on them when they came out the microwave so they had flavor!🤬😂 Get in the truck woman we are going out to eat and...
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    T-post one, me zero

    Told my wife before we got married or ever started looking at rings I wouldn’t wear one. Been on the keychain to my favorite truck since I got it. Think I have worn it a half dozen times in 13 years for special occasions at her request. They are a recipe for disaster when you work for a living.
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    Post a random picture

    Now you’re just rubbing it in. Been 90 and humid here all week and I have been fussing everyday. Keep telling the wife it is all I can do to keep that truck from going west!
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    Summer weather predictions

    We are finally getting some much needed showers. Calling for chances all this week. Not sure it will be much help to the first cut of hay but should get everybody’s corn out the ground and give the crabgrass a start.
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    A big shout out to my Amish neighbors

    I have a lot of clients that I would be happy to be reincarnated as one of their horses. If that is heaven an Amish buggy horse is hell. They are in shape to beat all and broke to death but they are short lived. Those miles of trotting on asphalt, ringbone eats them up. The rules as to what...
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    My rant for the day

    Obviously you have never run a green one, huge difference when you really spend a lot of time on one…… and I was a die hard IH man til I ran a few. Also I promise you Massey and NH service is not cheaper when it comes to repairing the new stuff and getting parts for their older stuff is a crap...
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    Well Y’all are just weird!😂
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    Solar battery tender/chargers

    Thanks for the help Ken!