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  1. MrGale

    Surprise donkey %(&#@!

    Donkeys I wouldn't mind, people around here in Virginia are donating horses to poor farmers what can't afford to buy them .. we havce 13 donkeys and wouldn't mind another, but dang if I wants another horse.. LOL .. Mr Gale
  2. MrGale

    Surprise donkey %(&#@!

    Jes you guys don't let Gale catch ya talkin this stuff .. Or Ms Dicey, my bestest Mammoth Donkey .. Have Fun, Mr Gale
  3. MrGale

    compare tractors

    Kubota has a number of models that could compare, all are M series though. The L and B series are much smaller. Go to and you can get all of the specs.
  4. MrGale

    broken rear wheel studs

    WATCH OUT....heating with a torch can change the tensile tempering of the piece you are heating. Heating and allowing to cool naturally will soften the metal it is in. if the studs are like the automotive type with the gear teeth that keep it in the support you might have a problem with it...
  5. MrGale

    Mileage Estimate

    Those tires have about the WORST rolling resistance known to man, equaling an arab supporting MPG capacity on the truck..figure about one family per wheel, and you have got it. :shock: It will go OVER anything, but around nothing but an old Donkey pulling a wagon full of cow poop.... :D
  6. MrGale

    Calf Problem - Any Advice?

    With the leg length difference, I think you have it..the ligaments and tendons in that leg are all stretched out, but if he can pull them back together with his muscles strengthening, the ligaments on that joint can shorten to the correct length and you will have it...he may still be a slight...
  7. MrGale

    Mysterious calf death?

    Not sure, but it ain't too often that a snake bite will swell that much....and if tissue toxic it will start to slough off after a day or two, odd that it was only one side that swelled..I agree, you should have the vet do a necropsy to find out for sure what caused it. :?
  8. MrGale

    A Puzzling One

    Vetinarian is your best bet here..we could all be guessing for years and not get it, you mneed to physically evaluate the individual animal to really get a diagnosis. :cboy:
  9. MrGale

    Calf Problem - Any Advice?

    Have you tried consulting a vetinarian on this? Could be something like BVD damage, and he might be a carrier.. :cry:
  10. MrGale

    The Gunfighter

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :banana: :cboy:
  11. MrGale


    OMG !! I'm a BUTTERBEAN....that is really RUDE !! :banana: :oops: :oops:
  12. MrGale

    Useless Tip for Most

    need to go hook up the old lincoln and make a set....straightening a T post in the ground just sold me, I used to get an old logging chain and hook it to the post and the 3 pt hitch frame on the off till it looks straight, but with my eyes lately they usually look like someone...
  13. MrGale

    Sagging gates?

    gotta remember that these gates open both ways, not like me fergettin to put that in the first time.... :roll: :roll:
  14. MrGale

    Sagging gates?

    Thanks guys....the guy wire and turnbuckle sounds like just the do you attach it to the post, and eyehook and clamp? It souds like the best deal because it can be tightened as the gate wears....I am using 6x6 treated posts to hang the gates, sothe eyescrew should hold up. :D
  15. MrGale

    Useless Tip for Most

    Bama, theres one in every crowd, eh? :D :D :D I used to use a big old pipe wrench and a long pipe....busted a jaw or two in my day, but got the job done....anyone know where you can get those hickey bars? :wave:
  16. MrGale

    Briars in the fence line

    I use crossbow, mixed real strong....kills ANYTHING with a woody stem, like briars and honeysuckle, but allows grass to is also back to inactive in about a week at most. Best to lay it on in the spring when stuff starts growing rapidly with an ounce of dishwashing soap per 5 gallons...
  17. MrGale

    need help with clean up

    you can try a big piece of this stuff they call cattle carpet, put it down and cover it with a few inches of crusher run....water, pee and liquid go right through the carpet stuff, but you still have the poo to worry about. Seen the stuff used on runways at BIG daries where the cows were knee...
  18. MrGale

    Sagging gates?

    Question Guys....I use a through lock that holds the gate up when it is closed that works real good, but what can I do to hold the weight up of the gate when it is open? I keep putting cinderblocks or big honkin rocks on both sides to hold the weight up, but that is a real PITA cause :help: I...
  19. MrGale

    New Holland

    Traded in my old style engine NH 4630 4wd for a big honkin Kubota M 9000....I'm glad every time I start that sucker....starts, runs, stops and steers with about anything I want on the back and I ain't broke it yet....unlike the New Holland..lot of stuff that is real hard to get at on that one...
  20. MrGale

    The USHER

    Yer BAD !! :banana: :banana: :lol2: :lol2: :help: