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    Santa Gertrudis x Braford.

    Those calves in the picture were off this guy. He was a very good Brangus bull hated to let him go.
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    Santa Gertrudis x Braford.

    Yesterday I took some pics of the 2 replacements I saved to replace the oldest 2 cow’s who may be on their last year this year. Even though they have mainly Hereford markings they are half Gert and half Hereford. Sometimes they come out this way.
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    Santa Gertrudis x Braford.

    No not all the herd is always a work in progress. She has had a good run but I think 16 years old will be her last year. But I keep saying it is her last year but she keeps bringing in a big calf every year.
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    Santa Gertrudis x Braford.

    I have been on record on this site for years that for my area in North Alabama the Gert/Hereford cross is the best cross for a mother cow you can come across. Before the developers started buying us out had pasture just for making replacements that we put Angus or Brangus bulls on.
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    Does more pounds per acre make up for being docked at the sale barn for small frame size?

    Hay sales also depend on the area. In my area 4x5 is the standard and even those who have balers that can make bigger bales will set to 4x5 for those they sell and bigger for what they keep. While the next man is trying to explain how much more hay he is giving you for your money I will be...
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    New Hereford Calves

    Alabama has a solution and I know even typing it seems crazy. But Alabama allows anyone with 3 or more calves to retain ownership through slaughter and get paid just like the big boys. So if you are in Alabama and feel like you are getting ripped off for your red or Hereford etc calves just...
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    Beef Cattle Inventory

    It is not conspiracy theory. Who would advise their children or grandchildren to go into cow business to support their family. That is your answer as to why cattle numbers are getting smaller and smaller along with the temporary drought and hay shortage conditions that shall pass. But the...