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    Chris Kyle

    Damn Shame
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    Belated happy birthday. :)
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    Cute, and nice family too
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    Hereford Bull, World Class Disposition ?

    Is it just skitish or crazy?
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    hereford bull

    Seems a little weak in the rear qtr. Is he scuured?
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    Hereford AI bulls - need help

    Take a look at some of BarJZ bulls for those traits. The animals are not large framed, but they carry allot of natural muscle.
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    Favorite Hereford Bull, past 20 years

    I guess I'll close with saying my favorite bull is..................the stuff THG and Herefordsire dish out!! :lol: :lol:
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    Favorite Hereford Bull, past 20 years

    Oh.....was that THG bashing again...I'm sorry. ;-) Let me divert some energy elsewhere... 8) Sung to the tune of Beverly Hillbillys: Now let me direct attention to 'ol Mr. Spock Poor speculator who tried to turn the clock Him-self said , Catalina is the trick And wouldn't you know it, he...
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    Favorite Hereford Bull, past 20 years

    Yeah...'ol THG would have had allot more credibility if he just didn't "quote other people" all the time... :lol:
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    Favorite Hereford Bull, past 20 years

    Looks "slightly" post legged... :nod: :D
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    One Question Quiz

    My answer: Richard Pryor!
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    Hereford.. I just have to

    It's not why....its what!.....Ribs.... :lol:
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    Heck I don't know why HS just didn't beam on down there (at warp speed) and meet with them "face to face"! :lol: :nod:
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    Scotty's answer to Spock: Hey spike! Tell the #!&$@! Captain to pick him up on earth.........he said he'll walk on.
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    a.... yeah, at warp speed, flying by the seat of your pants, while still at the mercy of technology and helpless at speeding up your own time space continuum.
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    1848 ;-)
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    Do You Find Yourself Doing This? fact I rarely even handlle the remote....:) :lol:
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    Border Partrol

    It would be good for allot of people to at least observe and is an eye opening experience from both perspectives (pros and cons).
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    I'm still around. I Just pop in every once in a while to see whats on the boards. It's been very busy time to wait on 26 BPS internet.... :lol2: Thanks for asking. Miss you guys... ;-)
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    Horned Hereford Pics Uruguay

    I'm with JHH. Would like to see some more information other then pictures to qualify them. How old are these bulls before they are being exposed to the herds. Are they backgrounded to a certain age? What quality calves are they passing on, and how easy are the calves coming. BW's, Females...