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  1. farmwriter

    Bringing cows from Texas to Alabama

    I guess that would make a super-growthy terminal cross, but my first thought was you'll have 17-1800 pound cows faster than you can say feed bill. Just my :2cents:
  2. farmwriter

    Flies on my cow, Please Help

    Ultrasaber is the best fly control we have ever used. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  3. farmwriter

    drought tips

    A frequently overlooked and underrated idea.
  4. farmwriter

    drought tips

    For the month of April, our avg high is about 10 degrees over the historical avg and our avg low is about 20 degrees below the historical avg. Historical avg rainfall for April is over 4". We got 2", but all of it fell in one night on April 4. Not even a light shower since. Add to that the wind...
  5. farmwriter

    drought tips

    Getting pretty dang dry on our place, but so far, I can still drive a short distance and see grass that's knee-high, so at least there should be good hay from this area before long. Our grass isn't dead yet and the cow pies are loose and green, but the cows are staying way out ahead of the...
  6. farmwriter

    So you want to buy top of the breed cows?

    I'm very much a 'to each his own' kinda girl, but to answer the initial question, no, I don't want to buy top of the breed cows. I want hardy, sturdy cows that wean healthy calves with as little of my help as possible. I want to make money meeting the demand that's out there for steak and...
  7. farmwriter

    I need direction

    I'm of the opinion that there's too much variation from animal to animal for people to get too proud of their favorite breed. There are gems and duds of every kind. Since you're not rushing in, find some people in your area that raise gentle - not pet - cattle and try to get yourself acquainted...
  8. farmwriter

    Where do you live???

  9. farmwriter

    Bad Day

    That seems to be a common phenomenon in our business. Nobody wants to be the first to say it happened to them, but the "me too"s come crawling out of the woodpile if somebody will start 'em off. Or maybe it's just me?
  10. farmwriter

    PVC Splint for calf

  11. farmwriter

    Bad Day

    Wow, I hate that for you. Sure not something I would have ever even imagined.
  12. farmwriter

    Very odd way to gain a calf

    You sound like my rotten brother, lucky thing that he is. He used to say about roping, "I'd rather be lucky than good any day. You have to work at being good."
  13. farmwriter

    cattle trailer

    I have given up on posting pics, but my Dad bought two last year - a stock trailer and a flat bed. So far so good. The only thing I don't like about the stock trailer is the "door stop" for lack of a better term in the floor. Seems like a good way to mess up a hoof to me.
  14. farmwriter

    Calving Season 2011

    I thought they looked like they had decided to become nuns. :)
  15. farmwriter

    How to find threads

    Girl, "view active topics" is where it's at! ;-)
  16. farmwriter

    Buying bred Heifers... Why even do it?

    I often wish CT had a "Like" button like facebook. I like the heck out of some of this. But back to the initial question, I don't think I read this in a previous comment, but if I'm wrong, please pardon the duplication. The only good argument I can make for buying bred heifers is this: If I...
  17. farmwriter

    Would anyone be interested in....

    I'm pretty well in the same boat as Jo. My family jokes that I'm the ranch manager, and by that they mean I get the jobs no one else wants to do or they won't make the time for. But I've always thought I'd like to see more of Louisiana.
  18. farmwriter

    How do you develop/feed replacement heifers?

    High quality hay is hard to come by around here, so we feed them during the winter. This yr is the first we've given them cotton seed, but I am really pleased with how they look on it so far. Not fat, but healthy, and hay still makes up the vast majority of their diet. It is much less expensive...
  19. farmwriter

    Electric Fence Experts Came across this today and I thought some of these graphics might be helpful if anybody ever starts plowing through the boards for fencing tips.
  20. farmwriter

    What do you do with your cattle?

    Sell most shortly after weaning at local sale. Keep a few heifers for replacements, and any steers that won't bring as much (read - not solid or nearly solid black) we feed out and eat/sell for beef.