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    What's hybrid vigor? This baby is PUREBRED ANGUS!

    Obviously, some didn't. There have been some interesting DNA studies done in recent years. One study shows that Lents Anxiety 4th Herefords compare very closely to the "original Hereford" population in England. The Line 1 herd at Fort Keogh only varies slightly, but the "mainstream" North...
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    Hereford association

    Jeanne, the presence of the diluter gene in Herefords (in North America) did not occur until after the first Simmental were imported to Canada and subsequently brought in to the United States(late 60s, early 70s?) Probably 99% of the Herefords that have tested as carriers of the diluter gene...
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    The Time Has Come

    I understand, gizmom! I turned 68 this year. I separated ribs working cattle 2 years ago, then did it again earlier this year. And I went through radiation treatment for prostrate cancer last year. Basically, it's been 3 years of one thing after another, healthwise. The latest was an auto...
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    Hereford association

    Jeanne, in regard to Herefords, I have seen the presence of the diluter gene referred to as a genetic abnormality, a genetic defect, a disorder, or a syndrome...depending on the author. I think genetic abnormality is the most commonly used term by the associations.
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    Hereford association

    I guess I will stir the pot. I have a number of issues with the AHA. 1. The heavy focus by the AHA on the shows. The Hereford cattle being produced for and winning the shows have little practical use in the commercial cattle industry. They are white muscled toads. Most of them are produced via...
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    Hereford dry matter intake

    The accuracy of the new DMI EPD on 215Z is not very high (.21) so it is far from being reliable. Accuracy levels of EPDs need to be at least at .6 or higher before much faith should be put in their reliability.
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    EPD single trait rejection?

    I'm not sure MY selection criteria will help you much, since I am a registered breeder who's trying to develop a linebred maternal line: Cows: I select for calf structure and growth, with milking ability being the largest contributor to calf growth. That, balanced against their ability to...
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    EPD single trait rejection?

    All you folks that think that you can "split hairs" in choosing between unproven virgin bulls by using low accuracy EPDs need to look at this chart: and UNDERSTAND what it shows! Of course, if you are breeding your cows "on paper" rather than in the...
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    JMJ Farms CS Boomer 29f

    Besides, the BW "problem" that some folks express, which I personally don't consider to be a problem with 29F, the only negative that I ever heard about the bull was that his dam's udder was "a mess"! That came from folks that actually saw her, and not just rumors. At this point that is not as...
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    maybe the system is NOT rigged!!

    EPDs absolutely do work once a bull becomes widely used and his EPD accuracy rises to a reliable level. They are definitely useful in picking between proven sires whose EPD accuracies are .8 or more for AI breeding. The trouble is EPDs are "promoted" to be "THE GREAT DECIDER" (sorry George W...
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    Line 1 Herefords
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    Once the predictions of beef cattle's individual genetic potential become much more accurate (SUPER GE EPDs), I see the same thing happening. The commercial beef industry has no use for the purple ribbons, only what genetic package will produce a product that makes the most profit in the...
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    To fully reply to your question would require a lengthy diatribe. But the short answer is that the AHA suffered for many years from ineffective leadership that allowed the Angus breed to easily wrestle their "KIng of Cow Country" moniker away from Herefords and turn them into a breed in distant...
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    Hey Hereford Folks....

    Looking at the low accuracy EPDs AND their performance pedigrees, there is not enough difference between these bulls in anything ON PAPER to hang your hat on. I would make my decision based on phenotype, disposition, and current size (taking into consideration there is a 3 month difference in...
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    Show your calf pictures.

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    Remember This Bull?

    No, genetics certainly should never be ignored! But I have seen far more disposition problems that have no apparent genetic link than ones that might have...and the reverse! This year the tamest calf that I have in my summer crop is out of the "flightiest" cow that I own. I wish all my cows...
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    Hereford bull for Red Angus heifers

    As an all around and well-proven choice, I will put in another vote for Genex's "Revolution" bull. George
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    Remember This Bull?

    If I remember correctly, that bull was actually sired by a station bred straight line 1 bull - L1 Domino 95461. I had a couple of heifers sired by the 95461 bull (AI) and I had no disposition problems with them. I think a lot of disposition problems are environmental. I have a leased pasture...
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    Hereford markings

    The quest for pigment around the eyes is leading toward more and more Hereford cattle having "splotches" of red on or around their face. No doubt, if the trend continues, the breed trait might be eventually bred out. But, to date, I have never seen a Hereford X Hereford that had a solid color...
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    Hereford markings

    The IEC comes from 9012Y.