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    Feeding Shell Corn to Drought Cows ?

    Old hog shed I turned into a commodity shed. I feed in mixer wagon with corn silage, urea, stalks and hay
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    Feeding Shell Corn to Drought Cows ?

    Processing Corn Even though corn can be fed whole with satisfactory results, cracking or rolling prior to feeding will increase digestibility by 5 to 10 percent. In most instances, grinding or rolling corn will not markedly improve average daily gain, but proper processing will improve feed...
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    Feeding Shell Corn to Drought Cows ?

    I doubt most feedyards and dairies in the country are grinding there corn if there is not benefit. Steve we are $185 at plant So a semi delivered is a little over 2 hundred. Corn is $230-240 a ton before delivery. So Ddgs work right now for me
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    Feeding 200 - 250 # calves ?

    I use a grain mix running 18% protein. Have even run it through self feeders using cshp as buffer when starting them. I try to limit hay to start with by hand feeding it everyday. When they are that small they need energy and protein. At that small of weight I don’t worry about cost since...
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    Feeding Shell Corn to Drought Cows ?

    unchewed shell corn is not digested well if at all. screen the corn out of the manure and send into a lab for testing. tests Same as stuff in the bin. dont know what ddg price is in your area but in ours for beef cows it is a good buy with both energy and protein and cheaper than corn This year.
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    TexasBred, what's your advice on this mineral?

    Sorry missread what you were saying.
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    TexasBred, what's your advice on this mineral?

    Yes, agree with TB you should be fine. Bovatec is safe for calves and much harder to overdose on.
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    TexasBred, what's your advice on this mineral?

    Rumensin: Mature reproducing beef cows For improved feed efficiency when receiving supplemental feed: Feed continuously at a rate of 50 to 200 mg/hd/d 200mg is labeled rate and gets you the highest feed efficiency. you feed less than that it goes down per elanco rep. Yes people do...
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    Supplementing to prevent foot rot

    Believe its zinpro that makes a "dd" add pack for mineral which is mainly a certain form of zinc. Not a magic bullet but makes the hoof harder so less feet issues.
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    TexasBred, what's your advice on this mineral?

    Try feeding it at 1600 gms per ton which equals 200 mg per head per day at 4 oz feed rate. Gives better cocci control and higher feed efficiency. Monensin is not labeled for free choice while bovatec is.
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    Performance Beef- new batching & accounting software

    I agree it is the direction that things are moving in the future with information being an important part of farming. That being said for the cost to a small guy with a few hundred head on feed that is a pretty high cost averaged out over their cattle. Larger feeders it is not a large cost in...
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    cow ration

    Cornstalks, corn silage, ryelage, and sorghum silage all get used around here to replace hay. Your rations depend on dry matter of ingredients but a common one around here is 30 lbs corn silage, 10 hay/corn stalks and some gluten or protein based on quality of hay and cornstalks.
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    Thought on Zuprevo

    Nothing is on myco... I should have said labeled for. Dont think you can do much but keep medication in there system for around 20 days that they say it lasts. More supportive treatment than actually treating the myco.
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    Thought on Zuprevo

    Both withdrawl and efficacy are 21 days i believe. Heres a chart that i use when treating...
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    Thought on Zuprevo

    Its ok not my go to drug of choice. Does last 21 days but is not effective on mycoplasma last I had heard. While is a macrolid like micotil havent hear of it being as toxic to humans.
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    Purina Accuration...any comments?

    Currently using the accuration tubs as part of a trial on a group of 60 or so first calf heifers at work. Think the tubs were around $89 for a 200ish pound tub and recommended feed rate is 1-3 pounds per day. They are eating a little under 1.5 lbs per day so pretty expensive to feed. They seem...
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    Switching to Oral Wormer

    Agreed the 25 pound bags of safeguard feed aren't that much more expensive and can just mix it in there feed. Calves aren't bad but it seems like the xcows that don't like being drenched remember it after a couple years
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    Labor rate at farm equipment dealerships

    Are local dealerships JD, case, Massey, newholland are in the same ranges. independent guy who does the best work is $65 but has to bring in the dealer service techs to do the programing on the newer computer stuff since it is proprietary.
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    Scrotal Hernia

    We had a bull with a inguinal hernia. We bred with him a couple years after first diagnosed and he got the cows bred no problems. We sold him as it got bigger but were warned before breeding with him that one day he could be fine and could be dead the next as it progressed. Surgery was an...
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    How early for C- section?

    I wait until as she starts to stop eating and going down hill before I would do anything to try and get her as close to term as possible. I'd agree on the 3-4 week range. You can do an emergency csection yourself . Good luck