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    Pay no attention to this post

    Looks like we may be in another drought year, weather people says weather patterns are the same as it was in 2011 , the was a very bad and expensive yeah.
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    County Road

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    Pay no attention to this post

    The only good thing about these face masks is, you don’t have worry about hangin buggers :hide:
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    Do you go to funerals, I have a friend and wife who go to all funerals even if they do not know them well, they seem to view it as a social event to visit and meet people and gather information. I view them as a very solemn and sad event.
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    Pay no attention to this post

    Mine are 1990-1995-2012-2013 my tractors are 1963-1979-1980- 1980 I just bought a new tractor 1990
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    Our County will be removing our Confederate Monument that was put there 100 years ago, causing division within the the citizens, the movement was created by some out out County people , mostly young and a few local blacks that have hard feelings against Whites. Strange for a 100 years the...
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    A few of our horses

    Sure wish I could still ride horses,(medical reason stops me) . In you experience does any breed ride easier than others. I like to watch old westerns where a lot of actors and extras came west as wranglers Or stuntmen A lot of actors were raised on ranchers . When running the rider and horse...
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    Does anyone have a bloodhound as a outside dog ? My outside dog Australian shepherd (now Deceased) was raised outside and always stayed on the ranch close to home. Will a bloodhound stay close to home or will they Stray from home.? I have had hounds and they would go off hunting by them self’s...
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    Pay no attention to this post

    A cat sleeps so much when it is 9 years old it has only been awake 3 years. A human sleeps a third or more of their life away and spends several hours a day eating and sitting on the pot, no wonder it is so hard to get a job finished. :hide:
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    Texas largest lake

    Toledo Bend Lake is the largest lake in Texas it is a man made lake covering 185000 acres. It is located within four Texas Counties and two Louisiana parishes. Always wanted to go their , how many of you all have visited the lake and your opinion of the lake. Pictures would be nice.
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    Buying equipment at tax foreclosure auction

    In Texas when buying trucks or equipment at a tax foreclosure sale, how does one know that it is not a first lien on item. When buying property. One can research at the county clerk office, but not knowing anything about the truck or equipment or where it was bought or if someone has first lien...
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    Least Grebe

    Have these water birds nesting and raising young in my stock tank. They build their nests in the water attached to water weeds. The parents and babies never get out of the water. They are small 4 to 6 oz. I have never seen these birds before , their range goes into south TX. I am in central TX ...
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    Pay no attention to this post

    I had something important to contribute, but I forgot what it was before I could post it. Age is catching up with me. :cboy:
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    Property Tax

    Property tax should be done away with and go to sale taxes , that way every one pays their share.
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    Dug a grave this morning

    Well I dug another grave this morning ,had to put my 14 year collie to sleep. I have found a toy fox terrier puppy that will be brought home in 8 weeks. Sure don’t like making these decisions but he was in pain. We had been many a mile together he rode in the truck bed every where we went. Lots...
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    Pay no attention to this post

    Did you know years ago William Shatner was diagnosed with a sleep disorder and he is 89 years old. :pop:
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    Deep thinking on future of cattle

    With cattle prices dropping like a rock along with the economy and it may take years to recover especially cattle, do you find yourself not spending money for what you had budgeted for, like fertilizer, equipment , cattle Or whatever. I sure have taken a look at the future and have done some...
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    Electric pickup trucks............

    Paint in camouflage be good for sneaking up on deer and hogs.
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    Climbing cucumber

    Do all cucumber vines climb if provided a trellis or do you have to have a special vine .?