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    Is he worth buying???

    I'm just wondering, how do you get a YW EPD when he is only 5 months old? Thanks,
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    Breed of dog

    There was no agenda intended by me. A question was ask and I tried to answer. This board has become dominated by clickish people that seem to want to put down anyone new joining in on the conversations. That's it for me .......
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    Breed of dog

    I'd go to the nearest SPCA. They will more than likely have a dog that would fit your family and you'd be saving it's life. We have done this twice and were happy both times. You should also check the web for descriptions of different breeds. The Border Collie is on the top of the list for...
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    Feeding bred cow

    This is just my 2 cents but I also live near Houston. The grass is still here, but it really doesn't have much nutrients in it this time of the year. I wouldn't feed her a lot but I would be getting some protein in her. She needs to keep a good body score in this last stage of pregnancy. Pat
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    Got a Texas question....

    3rd Generation Texan. My family came down from Iowa around 1898. We have a picture of them somewhere in Oklahoma standing next to the covered wagon with all their belongings.
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    Average age of a cull cow

    I tend to agree with Dun. Loosing teeth at 12 is more of a genetics issue than sandy soil. BTW, this is a braford type cow. Pat
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    Average age of a cull cow

    I was thinking that was the reason but just wanted to verify it. I have other cows 10 to 12 years old with all teeth so I don't really know why she lost 'em. I do have mostly bahia fields and I know that's pretty tough stuff. This cow with the one tooth has had this one tooth for the last two...
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    Average age of a cull cow

    Bullady, yes I am in very sandy soil. Why do you ask?
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    Average age of a cull cow

    I generally check the teeth of my cows 9 years old and older every year. When they start loosing their teeth they don't raise the calves as well. I have one now (12 years old) that has only one tooth left and she calved late this year so she's a cull as soon as I can get her pinned up. Being a...
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    Ideal Birth Weight

    That does make sense and your post was very helpful. Thanks! Pat
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    Ideal Birth Weight

    What I don't understand about EPD's is, do they take lets say, 100 bull calves, raise them under controled conditions and then use thier numbers only? Do they take all the birthweights from this group and get the mean or the average and use that as ZERO. The rest are a + or - from that number...
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    buying weanded calves

    I'm not the expert that a lot of the folks on the site are but what i do is feed a creep feed to my heifers until they are ready to bread (about 18 to 20 months old). They should do a lot of growing from 6 months to breading time.
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    What is your favorite Clint Eastwood movie?

    Hang em High was my first Clint Eastwood movie and still my favorite.
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    Bull limping

    If this bull does not heal soon I would sell him. Prices for Bulls at the local sale barns are very high now. If you've had him 3 years, chances are you'll get your money back.
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    cattle dog training

    Like you guys, i'll miss my healer very much when she's gone. The reason i'd try the australian shepard next time is because i really need help working the cows when pinned up. I don't really know but i'd think that dog would work well at helping sort as well as helping to move from pasture to...
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    cattle dog training

    I have a ACD (Blue Healer). She is hardheaded but does do what she was bread to do. I read on some web site that the ACD was bread to be a companion dog thus the nick name 'velcro dogs'. Mine won't leave my side for anything. This web site also indicated the dogs were to be agressive in getting...
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    EPD Questions

    Thanks to all who replied! Jake, this is what I was looking for, some sort of rule of thumb. I'll use your advice.
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    Surprised by this???

    We invited them so we'll pick up the tab. I'm sure they'll get imunity from any wrong doing or crimes they may commit. I'm sorry but we don't need the rest of the world making sure we do the right thing.
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    Surprised by this???

    This is an insult to me for sure. Makes me not even want to vote although i'm sure i will. In the last several years we seem to be moving farther and farther into the gutter. Some Judge just ruled to remove the bible monument in front of the Houston court house because someone was afraid it may...