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    Possible abcess? Bump in front of steer's penis?

    Thankyou! Yeah I was calling around a couple of my buddies and they said probably a hernia. When should I be concerned about it?
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    Possible abcess? Bump in front of steer's penis?

    His penis wasn't out the location in which the bump is in is infront of where his penis is. I was touching it because I wanted to see if it was solid or squishy. Also, I was looking to see if it was warm. That's why I was touching it. And one more time.. His penis was not out. He's a show steer...
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    Possible abcess? Bump in front of steer's penis?

    :compute: <--- so here is me trying to find oit what the heck this thing is! I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for but my steer has a small (golf ball maybe smaller), squishy lump right in front of his penis where his penis comes out. I was touching it and it didn't seem to bother...
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    Can you please tell me what these are? (PICTURES INCLUDED!)

    :shock: I think these are warts? Please help! so my 1 year old black angus steer has some warts (3 or 4) on his neck. But as I was brushing him (he's shedding his winter coat) he had hair coming out and then underneath were these patches that look and feel like the warts on his neck but they are...
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    Steer losing winter coat really fast?

    :o :? I'm not sure if I should be thankful or worried! One of my steers is shedding his winter coat so quickly. Quicker than any of my other steers. He's a black angus x hereford. He's healthy, has not been acting different, but maybe he is stressed because we recently had a huge thunderstorm...