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    I recently retired, leased my cattle on a 60 40 split, he pays all expenses, and bought a second home in Florida. First time ever getting a mortgage. What a pain. They didn't even know what a 1099 was for. Wanted me to prove that the 640k that I reported on my taxes was real. Why would anyone...
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    As I type this I am literally walking out the door to go to Tampa and work on our landscaping business. Heck, I ain't never seen no hurricane before, kinda excited. gs
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    My friend and renter of some of my pasture, Bill Conley of Conley angus, is having his bull sale today. Ask anyone around here, and they aren't going because they don't like his bulls. Talked to Bill yesterday, most the calls are coming from Canada and Montana. He said a lot from Canada. Bill...
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    chuck eye

    Everyone else probably knows it, but this year I had my butcher make some chuck eye steaks. Had one today. It's probably just behind the ribeye for taste and texture on this beef. I like chuck roasts, but didn't expect much from the chuck steak. Now, I always feed and butcher the best beef I...
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    Need some help. (Kinda long)

    Guys, need some help. Got a customer that backgrounds cattle, 400 to 600 head at each site. Our electric coop has recently raised the minumin charge on electric meters to $75. 'Cause of the dam windmill power, but that's another story. He has rural water on some sites, pumps in ponds (tanks) on...
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    Dam it

    My wife and I are building a sunroom on our house. Foundation is in, building is roughed in, no windows yet. Wanted to take some pictures, but my camera said my card is locked. Don't know what that means. Anyway, this sunroom is my wife's project. No limit on what she wants. 500 sq. ft. The...
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    some of my cows

    Cloudy rainy day, not the best pics Simmi bull, ET calf, Chopper 841U by Brooks Peggy Sue The kind of cows I try not to raise for replacements. She will wean my biggest calf, but she is all legs, F-1 Simangus steer calf Couple of the types I am trying to make 1/2 blood fall bull calf I'm...
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    'nother try

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    pic trial

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    When is a weaning weight

    Weaned calves yesterday. Friend came by, asked what I thought they would weigh? Told him now about 450 to 500, would wean in the 6 range on the steers. He said, "I thought you were weaning them now?" Got us to talking, when do you weigh your calves for their weaning weight? I consider my weaning...
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    Got locked

    Dang it, the thread got locked before I could respond. Don't know how to get it here, so this was the conservation. Ibetyoumissedme said," I missed that, I must have been drunk." Plumber_greg wanted to say," You gottabeshittingme, you drink"? gs
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    feeding cows

    Just wondered, how much trouble does feeding grain in third trimester really cause"? Don't want an opinion from,"Don't really know much about the bull, the epd said he was calving ease." Who has had a proven bull, several crops, then fed the cows one year and had nothing but trouble"? Reason...
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    Fall calving experts

    I usually calve in snow and frozen ground in Feb. and am done by the time the endless mud comes in mid March. I have 25 fall calvers that came from 2 year old heifers that didn't breed back the first time after spring calving. They are getting old. So am I. Thinking about holding a bunch of...
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    Day Four

    I have been snowed in since Monday Night. My wife stayed in town that night so she could make it to work. Hasn't been home since. I called her this morning and told her that she could come home tonight, cuz' I was digging my way out to the highway with the tractor, 1 1/2 miles. She has to get...
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    probably get banned

    Not a good thing to say, and I know it. My daughters future husband teaches auto mechanics at a trade school. The other day, a student which is known to cause trouble made a sexual gesture while walking back to his desk. The class laughed, and Robbie said," Why do you want to act like a fag...
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    A few cows

    My daughter is home and taught me to put pics on new computer Two year old heifers, gonna' calve Feb1 A not very good one This year's heifer crop Snoop Dog, I went to Ok. and bought him trained. WIsh I had known years ago how much a dog could help. Thanks for looking gs
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    For Jed

    Jed, you like to see other parts of the country, so do I. Here is some spring pics of NW MO. Things looked good then. This is just my little valley that I have south of me. You can see my cows is the distance, which is only about 1/4 mile. Looks further. I am standing in 80 acres of native...
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    Late term abortion

    Found a two year old, supposed to calve in mid Feb., with afterbirth showing up. Lost her calf. My question- all ecomimics aside would you give her another chance next year. I know the smart thing would be to sell her and cut my losses, but she is out of a really good cow and put together like I...
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    Rotor Cuff Tendon

    12 years ago I hurt my shoulders going through a windshield. They told me that someday I would have to address the problems, and the day has come. First part of Aug. I hurt my left shoulder being stubborn and thinking I was tough. Has gotten steadily worse since, so I scheduled surgery for Dec...
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    snoop dog

    Leaving for Atoka, Ok. tonight for an eight hour drive to get my supposed trained border collie. Gave the guy, I've never met, $1,000 to train Snoop Dog, whom I have never seen, so I can buy Snoop Dog. Gonna' be taught the finer points of handling dogs Thursday aft and Friday. Really looking...