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    bad leg?

    the other day i noticed i had a heifer (500 lb range) thats was just laying around on her side. went out made her get up she was favoring one of he front legs pretty good i watched her for some time she could walk an try to put weight on it but moved off with a limp i shrugged it of as maybe...
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    Calf with runs

    I have a calf that has the runs with blood mixed with it the stool looks like snot with streaks of blood mixed in I gave it a shot of al 300 is there any thing more I can do I just noticed it today
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    Warts question

    Ok I bought 2 bred Heffiers they have warts on them just wandering what I could do go get rid of them like a shot or something to give them
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    Culling cow heard

    I was wandering what process or things y'all look at to justify cull a cow from your breeding program/heard
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    Need input

    Had a Heffiers have her first calf this morning had already had calf when I went an checked every thing the problem is the cow is having a hard Time getting up an standing is can get up but it is really hard she tryed to walk made it about 4 steps an down she went her back left leg acts like she...
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    I have heard about insurance on cattle I'm guess kinda like crop insurance can anyone explain how this works an where do you purchase it at thanks
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    buying calves

    so what does everyone look for when buying calves to feed out / pre condition
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    Cph sale pric

    Well sold a few claves (11) the avg 648 I was tickled with the prices I got had a 800 pounder bring 1.20 pound then had some 550 weight bring 1.40
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    Lease price

    I was just offered 50 acres of paster for 50 dollars an acre is this a good price
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    Need help

    I have a calf that we banded 3 weeks ago an he has fell off to nothing don't act like he is even interested in feed the rest of the calfs are gaining good is there anything I can try I have already separated him out from the rest thanks
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    Is there any true an accurate way of predicting the cattle prices an can y'all explain how it works thanks
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    Post removed?

    Did my post about pipe get removed I can't find it any where one here? If it did did I do something wrong thanks
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    cow/calf vs stockers/precondition

    whats every one think which makes more money cow/calf or stockers/ precondition looking to expand the operation trying to figure out buy more cows or go into the stocker/ precondition calfs thanks
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    AI question

    i have 3 heifers that will need breeding in dec i have leased my bull out for the winter i have been thinking of ai them but have never tried before whats the chances of getting them all to stick the first time. also what is the associated coast of ai if i have good luck thought about ai some...
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    Sorghum Sudan

    Was thinking about next year plant some sorghum Sudan an cutting it for balelage I have never done this it would be feed to cows to get threw winter an maybe some calfs that are being precondition. Wandering if it was a good ideal or crazy thinking. Is there anything I need to watch for when...