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    Weight gain

    any extra supply of energy won't be used to gain weight but will be to increase milk production, production increase by demand, so with that little extra amount of energy whe fill the udder.
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    Giving repro drugs to cows.

    Great info, we are talking about Hormones, the site of injection has no impact on the response of the hypothalamus to release them. But sure will have impact on the meat quality, it will take up to 5 months to clear that spot of injection on a bigger muscle.
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    Winner - 'Wheels'

    Very cool!! thank you lots of good moments captured, I really liked that amish buggy, good job doing that picture, take a lot of skills to shoot like that, edited or not you have to know about photography to use the right settings in your camera.
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    Interesting JBS Caught in a Scandal

    How all this is going to affect national market, beef prices and exports from the U.S?
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    TMR $ question

    we are currently using a cow ration with shredded beets, corn gluten and ground cornstalks + mineral supplement. is 58% DM with Ne 65 Mcal/lb and it costs $54 ton of Dry matter.
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    Angus Steer Questions

    those guys look like 800# to me. and they look medium size frame, 1250-1300# finished probably.
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    Day Old Jersey/Limousin feeder Calves.

    Daily gain in that cattle is far from 3.48, profit comes from skilled and cheap labor, they produce quantities no quality, I know from a cattle buyer this meat is too lean, marbeling is no the best so I doubt it about those 78% choice.
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    Draxxin for foot rot?

    Macrolides like Thularomizin might elevate ruminal motility, cause acidosis, ruminal atony, mammary edema, and there is some reports of ketosis. I would follow label directions.
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    Bagging Sugar Beet Pulp ?

    you mentioned before, runny manure and adds more water to our ration.
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    Bagging Sugar Beet Pulp ?

    we use sugar beet pulp on our rations, but we don't use over 5.5% of total ration, or 2# of dry matter for head so is 2/.21=9.5#head/day last sample was: moisture 79% DM 21% C. protein 1.3 ADF% 3 TDN% 18.5 Net energy maint .21 Net energy gain .14 Calcium% .14 P%.03 Mg% .08 K% .21
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    pics of cow problems and other stuff -- for the newbies

    I hope i'm no hijacking this wonderful post, thanks milkmaid for sharing all this, here some postmortem findings on a yearling heifer diagnosed with high altitude disease or brisket disease, edema all over.
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    Heifer calf Bloat??

    adding probiotics will help to minimize bloats.
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    pics of cow problems and other stuff -- for the newbies

    they can, if you are having this issue it would be good to check with your nutricionist and your Vet what kind of minerals are you using with them. higher sodium might cause edema too.
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    What happens on a feedlot?

    Very good post! thanks for sharing.