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  1. Ann Bledsoe

    Nurse Cow

    A teaspoon of liquid rennet (for cheesemaking) to a scouring calf will usually clear him right up. Rennet is naturally produced by the stomach of a milkfed calf. Stress will upset rennet production and can lead to scouring. Giving rennet allows him to properly digest his milk during the time...
  2. Ann Bledsoe

    What I've learned about hurricanes...

    Our area (Okeechobee) got hit pretty hard by the rear eyewall, we were 30 miles from the center of the eye (eye was 55 miles in diameter), but we were very lucky and had minimal damage (knocked out a screen on the wrap-around porch, tore up a screen door, plus lots of trees and 1 fence down)...
  3. Ann Bledsoe

    Why cow hates calf?

    I had a 4 week old calf killed a month ago by a cow. She ran him down and broke his back. Ann B
  4. Ann Bledsoe

    vaginal prolapse

    What do you mean? They expect a portion of the kill? We have always given a portion of the kill to the landowner. Our landowner in Nebraska used to love us -- we appreciated access to their land so much that not only did we give a portion of what was killed on their land, but also a portion...
  5. Ann Bledsoe

    dairy cow problem

    I'm sure you'll get some good information from the great folks here, but you also might like to check out the following site focusing on the family milk cow Ann B
  6. Ann Bledsoe

    Help Identify the breed mix

    They look like Angus to me. That sunburned hair will shed out and the new hair underneath will be black. Ann B BTW -- Black is dominant to Red -- Black can produce Red, but 2 Reds can never produce a Black.
  7. Ann Bledsoe

    Putting Bull With Young Steers?

    All of his antics were funny the first few times, but after that it started getting real old! Heck the calves started scouring from getting too much milk! He's at a collection center right now. Posts have been set and the pipe corral tied to them and I changed all the gate latches, so we'll...
  8. Ann Bledsoe

    Putting Bull With Young Steers?

    Some of the Mini's are polled, but Pvt. Pyle was dehorned when he was a calf. Ann B
  9. Ann Bledsoe

    vaginal prolapse

    I just don't see that it could be that much worst that living in "tornado central"! Or "blizzard central"!! At least there is warning before a hurricane, a Nebraska tornado is on top of you with no more then a few minutes warning. We lived 2 miles from the debris path left by the tornado that...
  10. Ann Bledsoe

    vaginal prolapse

    Hey DR If things don't go well and you decide to ship her and the calf is still pretty small, give me a holler -- I've got a Jersey that's looking for a new foster calf. Ann B (Okeechobee)
  11. Ann Bledsoe

    Putting Bull With Young Steers?

    And they don't have to be big to have those problems either. My Mini Jersey bull (43", 550 lbs, gentle as a kitten, and broke to ride) can push a fence over, can stick his head through a pipe corral, pick it up, and carry it away, and the little devil can open gates. (he's a pushover for calves...
  12. Ann Bledsoe

    Dumba$$ cows.....

    Came home one day to a heifer turned upside down in the feed bunk. I've had calves stuck in the bale feeder and in the panels. Also had a steer get his head stuck in one of those net hay bags for horses, luckily he was halfway halterbroke so he didn't fight it -- but he wasn't real happy when I...
  13. Ann Bledsoe


    Could be nothing more than your screen resolution setting. Ann B
  14. Ann Bledsoe

    Birth to weaning weight ?

    The size of the udder really doesn't relate to milking ability -- a big bag could be mostly fat with very little working mammary tissue, while a small bag can be all mammary tissue with no fat at all. I've seen many, many dairy and beef cows with huge udders that produced very small volumes of...
  15. Ann Bledsoe

    too much corn

    Rumen digestion is based on microbes/bacteria -- the rumen microbes DO take the food value out whole corn. Research shows that even though the corn may come through "looking" undigested, when analyzed, it was totally depleted of it's starch content. The rumen microbes extract the starch for...
  16. Ann Bledsoe

    theory is that we should sacrifice our farmers

    When we first moved in, I was really worried about our "city folk" neighbors, but after talking to some of the other neighbors in the past couple of days, I've found out that they truly are the laughingstock of the neighborhood. I guess I just don't understand people who don't appreciate the...
  17. Ann Bledsoe

    Despicable and inhumane treatment of sick calves....

    Raising heck about this situation will do nothing but get you branded as "that crazy Animals Rights person", you'll be the laughingstock of the salebarn, nobody will want to associate with you, and it won't change a thing. The "good old boys" used to love it when my mother would go to sales...
  18. Ann Bledsoe

    theory is that we should sacrifice our farmers

    I grew up in a small farming community, went to college in a big city, and then spent many years working to be able to afford to get back out to the country. As a child (and young adult), I thought my older relatives that had lived through the Great Depression were a bit fanatical about food...
  19. Ann Bledsoe

    Severly constipated Calf??? Help!

    The problem with letting calves out on pasture too early is the same as with introducing hay too early -- they need a higher level of nutrition than what grass or hay can provide (alfalfa being an exception). The calf's digestive system is small and only holds a very limited amount of food...
  20. Ann Bledsoe

    Severly constipated Calf??? Help!

    There's no way that any milk replacer can be as good as mama's milk, there are components in fresh milk that just can't be duplicated. Calves can drink a large amount of mama's milk, but feeding more than 10% of the calf's birth weight in replacer daily is just asking for digestive problems...