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  1. Nesikep

    Craigslist prize bulls

    I've had some thin cows that didn't look like much, but not for lack of food.. This one was the one that was lame in a hind foot.. she made the whopper calves though, and her calves would milk themselves thin, but the calves sure weren't This is her bull calf the year after raising twins... I...
  2. Nesikep

    Bear caught

    I've had a bear sniff my boots.. neighbor ran into an old grizzly bear in tall grass while moving irrigation, beaned the thing over the head with a pipe wrench!
  3. Nesikep

    Rusk Mental Institution

    Yeah, I just don't get the price point of the UTV's.. $40k for something you can't drive on the road, I'll get an old Suzuki Samurai and put amazing suspension in it, be able to drive it wherever, and still come in under that price What do I know though.. I'm a tightwad
  4. Nesikep

    My beef died this morning

    Dang that sucks.. I put down one of my old cows on sunday.. calving complications, thought we had her fixed and and she went downhill bad overnight, had no fight left in her in the morning
  5. Nesikep

    I'm gonna get wired up I guess Aug 2.

    I've been looking for chicks that don't lay eggs, but I'll take what I can get.. Isa reds are decent... lady where my cows are would love it though, just like her truck but with a deck I hope GB is getting some chuckles out of this.. Stay on topic? Here? HAHHA Mopar = Moments of power are rare...
  6. Nesikep

    I'm gonna get wired up I guess Aug 2.

    F**k Our Ride Died Backwards it's Driver Returns On Foot
  7. Nesikep

    I'm gonna get wired up I guess Aug 2.

    Found your problem
  8. Nesikep

    I'm gonna get wired up I guess Aug 2.

    I've done this.. built an engine in my basement suite then carried it out and put it in the car. Yeah, I feel it now
  9. Nesikep

    I'm gonna get wired up I guess Aug 2.

    Taking an anti-inflammatory helps, helps best if you know you screwed it up and take it right away.. Naproxen is an over-the-counter (aleve)... other than that not much
  10. Nesikep

    I'm gonna get wired up I guess Aug 2.

    Hope that works for you.. both! I'm 45 and I've slowed down a lot in the last 5 years or so, for me it's my shoulders and back, and I've had tendinitis in my arms many times now
  11. Nesikep


    So far we've had a pretty smoke free summer here, guess it's the luck of the winds 2021 was really bad, we had 3 fires over 100,000 acres within 50 miles and smaller ones as well, we're the blue dot that's the sun
  12. Nesikep

    Seventh horse dies at Churchill Downs

    Breeding to calf at 2 years old seems to be good for us.. we tried breeding to calf at 3 years old, didn't have less problems, cows didn't produce better or longer.. and if they screwed up you had so much into them you kinda had to give them another chance.
  13. Nesikep

    Knee replacement.

    fellow I know had both knees replaced a few years back, walked in at 9am, walked out at 4pm. exercise is good, but in moderation, and do as your physiotherapist tells you apparently. other than lacking feeling in his kneecap (don't kneel without padding) he says he's really good
  14. Nesikep

    Craigslist prize bulls

    herf groups never disappoint
  15. Nesikep

    Big trees

    I have an 064/066 hybrid with some work done to it.. 210PSI compression on 100 CC was a sumbitch to start.. I had to put a decomp in it, there was no way no how you could hold that pull cord, it would just slip through your fingers and HURT I'm a husky guy, but I really like my 044 for a 70cc...
  16. Nesikep

    Need prayers

    from the sounds of it, the least pain and a peaceful passing sounds like the best outcome.. sorry to hear though
  17. Nesikep

    Big trees

    This was one of the biggest around here, about 4ft at the base.. HORRIBLY twisted unfortunately, about a 1/4 turn ever 12 feet.. LOTS of firewood in there Wish it hadn't fallen on the irrigation line though.. and the root ball threw gravel into the bark all the way up the tree, lot of chain...
  18. Nesikep

    Robinhood login

    and the apps are nothing more than a custom front end to a web page to begin with Might try logging in on a browser instead
  19. Nesikep

    Craigslist prize bulls

    Apparently possible to have neither as well