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  1. jltrent

    Skid Steers

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  5. jltrent

    Bale Spears

    I have a couple my dad made that way. With my Vermeer balers the bales as so thigh they want go in. You can use them on the 5x5 bales kind of, but you just push the 5x4 bales trying to get them in. Even the tapered rods all the way out can be a pita to use. I have used pallet forks on some...
  6. jltrent

    What have you done lately that made you question your intelligence?

    I have had a couple of these tuned to almost 15k. I have put a 346xp cylinder kit on several cheap plastic Husqvarna 350s with them tuned to 15k. They will throw a line of sawdust straight out while cutting...
  7. jltrent

    What have you done lately that made you question your intelligence?

    Started a chainsaw and forgot to put the clutch drum back on. I am lucky to be here as parts from the clutch flew by my head with the saw turning 13k rpms.
  8. jltrent

    A/T tires

    A lot of people like Yokohama's, but if you want top of the line get Michelins. Also check out Bridgestone's.
  9. jltrent

    Local HS kid to play for Georgetown next year...

    The local boy just won his 2nd NBA slam dunk contest. He is listed at 6'2", probably closer to 6'0" and can like a pogo stick get his head about the rim with ease. He jumped over Shaq on one dunk who is over 7'0" tall. Watching them in slow motion shows how amazing they are, and he was doing...
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    You should have good cell reception.
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    A neighbor had one like this who recently passed with pancreatic cancer and said he really like it, so I got one like it. I have not used it much, but it beats doing it by hand. If you get it in the jaws, it will move it. I have had it maybe 4 years and the last one I seen sell at auction...
  12. jltrent

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  13. jltrent

    Flat faced couplers

    I have replaced the O ring on the tractors. I tried some that came in a kit of many sizes and after trying a couple I found the right ones. If you can find the right one probably cost a dollar. Take the old one to a parts store and see if they can size it. I hate external lubrication.
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  15. jltrent

    Baler belts

    That is what I have. When putting the Rivets in it is best to use a punch to make sure they are in good and flared out on the back. You need to skive the belts, so the lace fits flat.
  16. jltrent

    Super bowl

    I messed around and went to sleep and missed the whole second half. That half time show started and that was it for me.
  17. jltrent

    Baler belts

    With 7500 bales I would take the belts out and cut to the same length and put new ends on. Also replace the pickup teeth needed. I bought the flexco alligator tool and replace the ends myself with alligator laces. That was several thousand bales ago and no problem with belts since, but the...
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    Daily Chuckle

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    I can't ever type on the computer for Tiger in the way. He weighs about 20 pounds.