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  1. Txwalt

    subsidize gasoline and diesel

    Good point! Walt
  2. Txwalt

    Where's my Xmas bonus?

    Its called a bonus for a reason. Walt
  3. Txwalt

    The FOOD POLICE!!!!!

    I ate whatever I wanted in the army and always burned it off. I probably drank more calories than ate too. Anyhow I think you have it right. Walt
  4. Txwalt

    quit smoking

    For those that smoke and want to quit I did forget to mention my favorite part of using the e-cig. Its all the vapor that comes out after you take a drag off it. Sometimes I just puff on it and don't inhale just to make clouds of vapor. Sounds childish but I think its a big part of quitting...
  5. Txwalt

    quit smoking

    The cool thing about e-cigs is all the options. The different flavors also come in different nicotine levels. I'm using 12mg. My wife on the other hand is using 24mg. The initial cost for a kit is $60 or so but, if she quit smoking you would see a savings within a few weeks depending on how...
  6. Txwalt

    quit smoking

    I bought a joyetech eGo. Battery lasts all day. Nicotine level is basically adjustable. Different flavors from bubble gum to barbeque. I have a couple of friends that have purchased them also after seeing mine. No more smoke smell. No more standing outside in the cold to smoke. Walt
  7. Txwalt

    quit smoking

    I think I finally got it licked. I purchased one of those e-cigs. Its awesome! The Kit cost $60. I think in just a couple of weeks I'll start seeing the savings. Just wanted to share just in case anyone else is ready to quit. Just do a little web browsing before jumping in. Walt
  8. Txwalt

    Bush memoirs

    People like to generalize when bashing politicians. Its much harder to be specific. Congress writes the laws. They also write the budget. Walt
  9. Txwalt

    Bees.............. ... ngus_link/ Fungus linked to die off. Walt
  10. Txwalt

    Texas Motto.

    I think it should be "Hell or high water". Seems that is the two weather reports we get. Walt
  11. Txwalt

    America.!!!! Don't want to start an argument but the religion was created around 610 AD. Portions of the old testament were incorporated into the Qoran. ... slam_begin Another interesting note is you cannot leave the religion...
  12. Txwalt

    craigslist cattle

    I guess bigbull was supposed to negotiate a higher price? Give me a break. Everyone knows this is a buyer beware business. If those cows die tomorrow who came out on top of the deal then? Walt
  13. Txwalt

    It really is a great country...another example

    I say we bite the bullet and put those people on the unemployment rolls too. If I start growing the stuff someone is going to have to test it before it gets shipped out. Walt
  14. Txwalt

    It really is a great country...another example

    At $50 an ounce I'll be the first one to start growing the stuff. Walt
  15. Txwalt

    It really is a great country...another example

    I wonder how this will work under Obama care? Walt
  16. Txwalt


    My Mother would dice it up along with onions and throw it in the scrabled eggs before cooking it. Everyone that tried it liked it. Its been a long time since I've had it. I might need to go shopping and buy some spam after work. Walt
  17. Txwalt


    Gatorade is great when your out in the heat all day. I still need to drink water also. If I don't drink both I will start to get sick. Walt
  18. Txwalt

    I got bit by a snake today!!!! ... d_in_manor The police shot this one. Walt
  19. Txwalt

    The F250 tranny ? got me thinking.

    I purchased my 2000 ford f-250 a couple years ago with 265,000 miles. Its the 7.3 diesel. It has 275,00 miles on it now. We mostly use it to haul the travel trailer around. No problems so far. Walt
  20. Txwalt

    Livestock dog? ... nelId=5329 Some info on guard donkey's in the above link. I like the idea of running a hotwire though. Walt