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  1. Mallen23

    Need advice ... Hesston 540 round baler

    Owned one that I bought used. I used it for 2 years and then bought a larger baler as I started using more hay and expanded my herd. Was very please with the how easy the rolls started and the tightness of the rolls. I rolled about 500 rolls per year with the 540. The only downside to the...
  2. Mallen23

    AI technician in North Alabama

    calls =cows...guess I should of previewed first! LOL :lol2:
  3. Mallen23

    AI technician in North Alabama

    Hello all, I am wondering if any of you can recommend an AI technician in North Alabama. I live in Lauderdale County and would like to look into utilizing one to AI some heifers and potential some calls later in the fall. I wanted to start getting my ducks in a row in advance. Thanks in...
  4. Mallen23

    May Sales

    Wheeler got the picture on on Friday. He was very excited. The picture is now the focal point of our living room. Every visitor we have had has been shown the picture. Again, thanks Luke. You did a lot to make this little guy's day(s) with such a small gesture. You are A+ to our family and...
  5. Mallen23

    May Sales

    Thanks Luke. Wheeler will be so excited. :tiphat:
  6. Mallen23

    May Sales

    I would like to make a very positive comment about Luke and his attendance at the Macedon Sale. My son Wheeler (4 years old) loves going to the sales. He has been going since he was 4 weeks old! In attending a multitude of Registered sales, he has had the opportunity to see Luke at the sales...
  7. Mallen23

    Angus Sale

    How much did the bull bring?
  8. Mallen23

    May Sales

    How did the Windy Hill Sale go? I thought about attending, but too much rain and bad weather.
  9. Mallen23

    Shady Brook Angus Sale

    I attended the Shady Brook Sale on April 25. The sale grossed over $300K to average around $2700 per lot.
  10. Mallen23

    Appalachian Cattle LLC Sale

    I attended the Appalachian Cattle LLC Sale on Sunday, April 26. They did not have a lot of LOTS but did have quality animals. The sale grossed a little of $200K to average around $3700 per lot. Top selling animal was lot 1 APPALACHIAN LADY US 50 for $65,000 (4 different buyers) for half...
  11. Mallen23

    So how old are you?

    34 as of February. have days feel like 24 :banana: , have days feel like 94 :help: . Figure it is part of life....wouldn't change a thing though.... :!:
  12. Mallen23

    Critique my Salers bull and calf

    Good reading at the end of a long day.......... :clap: :o
  13. Mallen23

    S A V 8180 Traveler 004
  14. Mallen23

    S A V 8180 Traveler 004

    I attended the Spring Grasstime Angus Bull sale at Shady Brook Angus and won 10 straws of semen for S A V 8180 Traveler 004 along with a free AI service. What are the +/- of this angus bull?
  15. Mallen23

    what is the name of this type of seeder

    I saw a seeder at a dealer the other day. It was a three point type seeder that looked to consist of a seed box about 6-8 feet wide and had a roller underneath with spikes on it. I assume the roller spikes the ground and allows the seed to drop in the holes. When I went back a couple of days...
  16. Mallen23

    winter wheat

    I live in north alabama near the TN line. What is the best time to plant winter wheat? Can you get a pretty good stand by broadcasting or is no-till the better method?
  17. Mallen23

    Strange Hide Color...continued (1) pics

    Good looking set of steers. They all look to be of the same size (a good thing). Please send me some of that grass. Ours is getting a little short and alot brown now. However, we did finally get a little rain yesterday and today.
  18. Mallen23

    Breeds of bulls you've had in the past

    In order of use over the years as I recall: Angus (commercial bull) Brangus (commercial bull) LimAngus Angus (Currently in use) Gelbvieh (Currently in use) Limo (Currently in use) Balancer (Currently in use)
  19. Mallen23

    Graham School for Cattlemen

    Does anyone know of any such classes near North Alabama?
  20. Mallen23

    Graham School for Cattlemen

    Anyone on here attended the Graham School for Cattlemen in Kansas? I found the website while looking on the cattlerange website. What did you think about the school if you attended? Thanks.