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    Balancer on simmental heifers.

    I would say a club calf bull but be careful of the so called rat gene. I have used shorthorn with great success with grand heifer calf and grand bull calf. But watch birth weight and type of shorthorn the club calf shorthorns and bigger framed and might be a calving problem. I had great luck A.I...
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    We try to breed simmental to every thing in our club calf operation. But I still have pure breds left a pure fleck and regular the fleck is my most productive cow but also cost a lot to keep ( she about 2000 lbs) She has produced most of out mostly heifers that I kept without hesition and two...
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    Diluter Gene

    we have had simmentals with the same problem the calfs that came out gray were sold. But for a experment we kept a heifer and bred her to a red angus just to see what hapens. she had twins one was a nice red angus looking calf and the other was a rat. The red calf out grew and out performed the...
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    Pinzgauer market

    We dont in ohio, there are few longhorn but people think they are , or dary cows.
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    British White X Angus

    It will most likely be white. but can also be black
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    I have tryed them with black baldys I do not suggest this. There were no calving problems but they grew lanky and thin with all legs. The temperment was great no problems there. The best cross we had was with a herford and simmental cow. but she was never bred and we lost intrest . I suggest...
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    Maine Anjou

    I was in 4.H for 8 years untill I was too old. but we have had great success with maine with a reserve at the county fair. But your grooming and feeding all depend on the sire and how the hair grows. (ex if your in a hot area you might want to put up a cool room and fans) But If the animal has...