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  1. TREY-L


    Maybe the pawn shop owner keeps loosing his and he just keeps them. It doesn't necessarily have to be him that's losing them.......maybe it's his kids, brothers, cousins, buddies, black holes, etc, etc. I personally believe that Big Foots have an affinity for 9/16's and that's where they all...
  2. TREY-L


    It seems that my wrenches disappear most when anyone other than the original purchaser uses them, I know, I know.......none of you ever have that problem. :) I would also like to offer a trade........all my 5/8, 11/16, 13/16, and 1" swapped even for 9/16 and 3/4 wrenches.
  3. TREY-L

    'taming' a heifer

    Let her start eating a little grain out of a bucket sitting on the ground with you in the pen with her. I like to shake the bucket before I set it down on the ground (this will come in handy later if you accidentally leave the gate open and you have 40 cows roaming up and down the road eating...
  4. TREY-L

    Town kids - unrealistic expectations

    I bet when you were his age you worked all day for two shillings.
  5. TREY-L

    sweet Tea Recipe

    I hope you realize, that those are indeed fighting words! You may insult our friends, our dogs, our trucks, etc., etc., but please for the sake of Saint Robert E. Lee, please don't insult our unified southern beverage of choice (it just edged out luke warm beer).
  6. TREY-L

    Bull pen

    I thought about building some like that, except that I was going to use less horizontal rungs and weld a 4' feedlot panel to the inside of them 1' off the ground. I was going to make mine 16' to match the feedlot panels and use the other 4' pieces as vertical bars.
  7. TREY-L

    New toy........finally finished (pictures)

    Thanks 3way, I've only shot it about 20 times, and that was without a scope on it. I was just shooting it to tune the firing pin. I bought a D2 tool steel firing pin that was full width and it wasn't beveled on one side like the factory pins. When the round first came out they were having...
  8. TREY-L

    New toy........finally finished (pictures)

    Thank you, I am a bit of a rimfire nut. I can't ever seem to have enough of them!
  9. TREY-L

    New toy........finally finished (pictures)

    Dun, it's still the slip in type that has the lug holding the barrel on.
  10. TREY-L

    New toy........finally finished (pictures)

    17 HM2 Ruger 10/22 action, Brown barrel, Boyds stock, Jim Clark extractor, bolt guide rod, and disconnector, Power custom extra power springs, Volquartzen competition hammer, sear, trigger, mag release, and trigger shims. Heavy bolt kit is a must for this conversion. 2100 fps
  11. TREY-L

    Just bought my first truck...

    That's fantastic! I also had to buy my first, and all subsequent vehicles, it was a 1966 Chevy stepside, and I bought it from a pawn shop for 250.00. I'll never forget that old truck, it was a real money pit. I think it is good that you had to save and buy it, I think you will appreciate it much...
  12. TREY-L

    Do you think it'll catch on here?

    I better start copyrighting names! Moolo-Yellow Pi$$pi-Cola Mountian-Dribble Dr. Peeper Aqua-Vulva Don't worry, I forget all ya'll when I make it big.
  13. TREY-L

    Hay Wagon Steering Question

    The best "adjustment" you can make is to sell it and buy a fifth wheel type. The fifth wheel type is the only way to go if you are going to pull it very far or over 20 MPH.
  14. TREY-L

    Saving Money

    So, was that with state or federal?............(Sound of snare drum) Thank you...........I'll be here all night!
  15. TREY-L

    Saving Money

    Hey, great thought Dun! That would also work. :lol2:
  16. TREY-L

    ABBA Members :D
  17. TREY-L

    Michael Phelps smoking pot?

    I wonder if ROOR bongs is now one of Phelps' sponsors? The "Phelps" model could be red, white, and blue and have some gold rings around the neck. It probably broke the poor guy that was packing the bowl, considering his amazing lung capacity! :lol2: Remember his age America! He's still just a...
  18. TREY-L

    Saving Money

    Crap! Thanks BHB, I hadn't thought of that! Maybe I can hang some old tires on the fence and drag up a few cars to offset the recent brush clean up. Everyone please disregard #1, as it might actually add cost.
  19. TREY-L

    Some Cow pics, some landscape.(from cell, lots of them)

    Those are great! I always enjoy seeing pictures of other folks operations.
  20. TREY-L

    Saving Money

    #1. When I am just hunting something to do, I get out and clean up my property. Trim trees, pick up sticks, and pick up my ditches. I always have multiple burn piles ready for the right wind. It doesn't cost anything to clean up your crap. It keeps me away from town, and its good exercise. The...