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    Swolen Legs/Limping Bull

    I have a bull that is maybe...8 months or so old. He is limping and his knees and lower front legs look swolen. Thats about all I know about it so far. Anyone have any suggestions as to what it may be ?
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    I need help ?

    I've had a good experience with using a donkey or even a llama(they always seemed to work well with me) the earlier post about the coyotes or the neighborhood dogs is "it". I had a few calves tore up a couple months ago by dogs.
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    Kubota Tractors

    I drive an '04 kubota 4wd.. I really must speak highly of it, its an excellent tractor.
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    What is the best chainsaw?

    Stihl all the way. :-) Have used one for several years and love it. ~TERM~
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    Black Angus

    Okay, thanks.. Ill get the numbers and talk to the man in person this weekend. His son was young and was porbably telling me only what he has heard his father say. But, ill talk to the man and see what I can come up with. :-) -Thanks ~TERM~
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    Black Angus

    Sorry for the misinformation. The man said that his son told me wrong, they are 7-8 months old and weight 700-800 lbs. Thanks for the help and responses everyone! -Thanks ~TERM~
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    Anyone wanna give me some ideas of what is a good typical finishing weight before taking to the sale of a few different breeds.. Perhaps Black angus, Charolais, and Holstein bulls. I've always noticed(dunno if its just me) that holstein bulls seem to have always looked a bit scrawnier than...
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    how often do you check your cows

    I check my cattle around 4 times a day. Usually before I go to work or out somewhere, also around 3-4 times before I pack it up for the night. I walk right out my backdoor and about 150 yds to the barn, but I can see most of my cattle from the backyard. ~TERM~
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    Grass fed beef --Your Opinion?

    I feel that a grain fed is a better tasting beef than the grass fed..But, thats just my opinion. -Thanks ~TERM~
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    Feeding Pellets

    Around here we have always used allstock, it seems to do very well. Im not sure of the exact protein at the moment. Anyone wanna add some input on what pellet feed they use? -Thanks ~TERM~
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    Black Angus

    Sorry, the man said they were around 12 months old. I would be taking them to my lower pasture with unlimited grass and hay along with feed pellets. They weigh in at 700-800 lbs. He wants around $750 a head. Would it be worth bringing them to my pasture, keeping them till they get a bit...
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    Black Angus

    Found 7 head of registered black angus bulls. The man said they weighed around 700-800 pounds. Wants $750 a head. Are they worth buying and making them fatter in a few months to take to the sale? -Thanks ~TERM~
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    Feeding Pellets

    What amount of pellets should I feed to an angus bull(1 yr about 700 lbs). He has unlimited grass and water also. But, how much would be a good amount to feed him(pellets) as a daily ration? Whats the best way for determining how much to feed smaller/larger bulls? I use the allstock sweet...
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    Beef Cattle

    Whats the price like for beef cattle between a Black Angus & Charolais these days ?
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    I've heard of the term "finishing" a cow. Can anyone explain to me what this is and how it is done? Perhaps I know of it but maybe by a different term. Can anyone give me some advice on what to feed each day to a herd of young black angus...5m - 1yr old? ~Thanks~ TERM
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    I am just wondering what to start feeding a black angus calf(about 3 months old) seeing as winter is coming along and grass will be scarce. As he ages what should I feed him(feedwise, like pellets) and what type of hay is best? Also, can someone give me a little information on vaccines, what...