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    7 day + CIDR question

    I think most TAI - 7 day CIDR protocols suggest 54 hrs +/- for heifers.
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    Wagyu f1 using black angus

    The black steers in these pictures are fullblood Wagyu. The gray and chocolate colored steers are Wagyu x Charolais F1. We have fed and harvested around 200 fullblood and F1 Wagyu over the last several years. As others have said, you can't take them to the local sale barn and make a living but...
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    Waygu question

    The fullblood reds have been selling higher at breeder auctions. Maybe because there are fewer of them available. As for the difference in fat profile, I do not believe there is any data available yet that compares red to black. The Wagyu association and Texas A&M are in the process of...
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    Waygu question

    I believe that was a lawsuit between the Koch brothers and the American Akaushi Assoc (red Wagyu). That group used contracts to maintain control over the genetics. You had to sell the calves back to them. Their are other red Wagyu availble now outside of the AAA.
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    Waygu question

    No Wagyu genetics have left Japan since the 90's.
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    Waygu question

    You are right about jersey marbling well. So do Holsteins. In fact, a large percentage of the Wagyu-labeled beef sold in U.S. is Wagyu x dairy. That cross probably produces better marbling than Wag x Angus, just not a lot of muscle. Red Wagyu/Akaushi are better looking animals than Black Wagyu...
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    Waygu question

    You are exactly right. The steaks are easy to almost any price. If you don't have a plan, you can end up with a lot of ground beef left over. We have worked (and still working) to find some outlets for the ground beef. We sell some wholesale to a couple of restaurants and a food truck...
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    Waygu question

    Here are two examples of ribeyes from Wag x Char has worked every time for us. The genetics on the Wag side does matter. The best quality comes from the Tajima strain of Black Wagyu.
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    Waygu question

    My family has been raising Charolais cattle for over 40 years. About 8 yrs ago we started breeding our Char heifers to Wagyu bulls. The beef from those F1s was the best I had ever tasted. So, I bought some fullblood Wagyu. Now we have about 120 fullblood Wagyu, a bunch of Wag x Char cross and...
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    AI procedure ?

    The first shot, GnRH, forces ovulation if a mature follicle is present.
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    Embryos collected using sexed semen ?

    Grades 1,2, and 3 have nothing to do with stage of development. Those numbers describe the morphology/quality of the embryo for a given stage (eg, 4 through 8; Modula through expanded or hatched blastocyst).
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    synch vs natural heat

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    Nutritional differences in gmo and non gmo corn

    Lots and lots of studies that show no nutritional differences for humans. No reason to expect any differences for cattle. GMO corn is the same as non-GMO plus one extra protein that is easily digested.
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    Hair Whorls

    A few years ago I had the pleasure of escorting Dr. Grandin across TX to see a large number of clones (cattle, horses and pigs) for her assessment of the well being of clones. She spent a great deal of time examining the differences in whorls from one clone to another. In one instance, we looked...
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    using GnRH

    If onset of standing heat is at 6 am, I would AI at 6 pm. If she was still standing at 6 pm, I would consider giving GnRH when I bred her at 6 pm. No reason to AI twice.
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    Hype about Anti Biotic Free Beef

    Not very scientific, but here is a little visual that I saw on Facebook this morning.
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    Hype about Anti Biotic Free Beef

    Then I guess oldcrow has a beef with you To OldCrow's point, I think the media in general has created a lot of hype about added hormones and antibiotics. Personally, as a molecular biologist I do not believe there is an issue with using grow promoting hormones or antibiotics as long as long as...
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    Hype about Anti Biotic Free Beef

    My apologies. I didn't mean to offend anyone. TexasBred, I think a statement like your suggestions is more accurate. I describe the beef that I sell as having no added hormones or antibiotics.
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    Hype about Anti Biotic Free Beef

    Maybe its just semantics but there is no such thing as steroid-free beef.
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    Problems with Cervix and breeding

    Some additional thoughts about non-cycling... What body condition are they in? If under BCS 5, that could be the problem. What has the weather been like? Could the summer heat be the problem? My first thought would be to sell them. But if you like them and want to make the effort, you could try...