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  1. BK9954

    Hay prices skyrocketing

    I pay $60 per 5x5. That’a average. We had plenty of rain here last year, plenty of hay on the market.
  2. BK9954

    Distillers grain vs corn

    I used it. I sent it off to be tested, came back 11% protein. Once I figured up the gas and time to haul it, how much “dry” brewers grain actually weighed, I was better off feeding something else.
  3. BK9954

    What’s everyone using for minerals.

    Purina “wind and rain” free choice minerals. It’s never done me wrong. They take it when needed. When the pastures are poor, they take more. Spring time they don’t use much.
  4. BK9954

    Case 60XT

    T Thanks, I just googled that, they do seem to have that problem.
  5. BK9954

    Case 60XT

    Guy insisted I bring cash to Houston. I decided if it’s to good to be true, it’s is. My gut said not to take $1000’s in cash to a Craigslist deal. I offered a cashiers check but he still insisted on as much cash as possible. I’ll kept looking. Found a Cat 226b, more hours(1700), more money but...
  6. BK9954

    Case 60XT

    Yes, I’m going to go down and inspect it first.
  7. BK9954

    Case 60XT

    Anyone have experience/issues with a Case 60XT. Looking at buying a 2004 with 750 hours. Thanks in advance.
  8. BK9954

    Planting Rye on top of seeded

    We had a huge pipeline company pull eminent domain straight through the middle of our property. In the contract, they are planting “Texas Tough” Bermuda mix, We have no choice, but they have been dragging their feet on getting it in the ground. We are now looking at the middle or close to the...
  9. BK9954

    Formula For Feed Per Day?

    Hey, me and my family have the darn luck our ranch being taken over for a while and devastated by a large corporation. I am needing to add in negotiations as to them compensating me for feeding my cattle while they are occupying my place. Anyone know of a formula I could use as for bulls, cows...
  10. BK9954

    Snake problem

    Alot of people can't handle them but I love them, I have guinea fowls, had them for years. I used to have copperhead everywhere. Since the guineas run loose, no more snakes at all. They keep them away.
  11. BK9954

    $55/Bale grass hay

    My local guy, Lockhart Tx, 5×6 Coastal Bluestem mixed, net wrapped, heavy, unfertilized, you pick up, $70. And he brought this in from the Port Aransas area. The only other stuff local is $80-$100 4x5 and weighs almost half as much, I have to feed (2) 4x5 to every (1) 5X6. I am still feeding...
  12. BK9954

    Planting Oats and Not Disking

    My soil was pretty hard but Monday brod cast oats over some pastures before the rain hit. Got 1.7" of slow drizzle rain and the top soils softened. After that seeded everywhere I had open ground, around all senderos, roads, fenclines, around all mesquites, anywhere the sun had pushed away the...
  13. BK9954

    Cow Down

    I gave her one more this morning I guess I can save the last one for after calving
  14. BK9954

    Cow Down

    Heavy bred cow down but eating and drinking a little day and a half ago (in the evening) Neighbor said it was probably the baby positioned restricting the cow from getting up. I sent pictures to the doc and he had me come by and pick up the 4 of the calcium gel tubes, like the one at TSC but it...
  15. BK9954

    with drought, has anyone ever fed sawdust?

    Fehner and Sons in Gonzales Texas they have people to drive all the way up from the valley to buy their feed here
  16. BK9954

    with drought, has anyone ever fed sawdust?

    Our 20% cubes have gone up to $8.10 a bag and corn has gone up to $6 a bag.
  17. BK9954

    with drought, has anyone ever fed sawdust?

    Good advice. All mine are bred, I was trying to sell in pairs or just the calves in spring but you got me thinking. The calves on the ground now are going to have to go as well as a few of the older cows that won't earn the winter feed.
  18. BK9954

    with drought, has anyone ever fed sawdust?

    If we don't get ANY green grass and I don't get a miracle feed source by March then I will have to sell most.
  19. BK9954

    with drought, has anyone ever fed sawdust?

    I have a lot of Mesquite s on my place and I was on a Mesquite eradication mission for a while. I just got into the bee business this last year and Mesquite pollen makes darn good honey so I stopped cutting them down.
  20. BK9954

    with drought, has anyone ever fed sawdust?

    I can't find any info on oak, that's why I am asking. If it's just roughage then the only benifit would be energy?