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    Fly Control Feed

    Jackson county Ava blacktop
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    Fly Control Feed

    What type of fly control feed or tubs do you recommend? I had a trailer built that uses half plastic barrel feeders and a metal framework to fasten on 4 cow life rubs on. Thinking about using feed similar to the Wind & Rain with fly control med in it (if it don’t bankrupt me). I tried a tub of...
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    Angus cow with huge udder

    She is mostly angus all black. I have just a few baldies with mostly all black herd. I would guess her weight at 1400 and she looks good. Her udder and teats both are swollen with no sign of nursing.
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    Angus cow with huge udder

    Just noticed I have a cow with a huge udder (no calf). Is it mastitis and if it is what would it cost for vet bills? Can I send her off to the sale barn? Any advice appreciated!
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    woven wire and electric fence

    I like the Stafix 12 inch offsets from Kencove that attach directly to the woven wire. I put one strand of 12 gage wire about waist high spaced about 30 feet apart. This allows cows to graze under the hot wire and you can still mow under it with a 10 foot or wider bush hog without any post in...
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    Autumn olive leaves

    Several shrubs and yard plants are bad for cattle too:
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    Hay ground sprayer

    Need suggestions on hay ground sprayer. Neighbor has a good used sprayer for sale. It is an older Bestway 500 gallon,walking tandem, 40 foot booms, foam markers, hydraulic pump unit like the one attached. Do you think it would be ok for gently rolling hay ground or should I shop for something else?
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    See or call
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    Strip grazing 12volt battery chargers

    Anyone have any recommendations on 12 volt strip grazing battery chargers? Been looking at the ones Kencove sells. Wondering how many volts they put out. Thanks
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    So sorry to hear about his passing! Went to your link and looks like everyone appreciated him as highly as I did. I have had health issues for the last 4 years with minimal visits to the CT forum. Guess that is why I was unaware of his passing. Rest In Peace Dun!
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    Does “Dun” still post on this forum? Sure do miss his comments and advice!
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    Mirafount 3465

    I have had one of the 3465's for several years here in southern Illinois. If you put in the heat tube like they recommend, you shouldn't have any problems with the water freezing inside the tank in a moderate climate. They only problem I have had is the balls freezing to the top of tank from the...
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    HT elec fence question.

    greybeard: I know you picked up the porcelain insulators to resolve you temporary fence issue, but here is something you might want to consider for use in the future. Kencove Fence Co. still sells the "insultube" for 12.5 gauge wire. Insultube is just heavy plastic tubing.....just cut to length...
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    More questions on installing mats in stock trailer

    Getting ready to install the 3/4 inch 4x6 mats in my stock trailer. One side of the mats has a groove cut in them about every inch or so running the 6 foot direction. The grooves are about a quarter inch wide and about 3/16 inch deep. The other side has a little raised oval shaped dimples on...
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    Horse stall mats for stock trailer floor?

    Thanks guys for all the tips and info! Picked up some mats tonight and will try to get them in the trailer sometime this week. My trailer is only 5'-11" wide so I am going to have to trim and inch or so off each mat.
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    Horse stall mats for stock trailer floor?

    Can anyone tell me if the 3/4 inch horse stall mats like the farm stores sell will make a good floor covering for a 16 foot stock trailer floor (for hauling feeder calves) or will they be too slippery? My floor is rough sawn white oak (good floor but gets slick). If the mats are recommended...
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    Facefly control & rotational grazing

    Thanks for the replies. Guess I'm gonna have to fence in my waterers. NRCS had me put them right in the middle of most of my pastures. LOL
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    Facefly control & rotational grazing

    Any good tips on methods of facefly control when doing rotational grazing? Thanks! gwece (southern Illinois)
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    Spraying fence rows with Crosbow

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your replies! You just can't believe all the advertising on these chemical products! gwece