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    Is this mastitis?

    Thank you !
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    Is this mastitis?

    Praise God she just nursed every quadrant!! 🎉 I saw her nursing a little at 6:30 am then again at 10:30…but about 15 minutes ago she went to town!! Oh and I watched her poop this morning perfect calf poop…better than the others. Still plan on watching them all day so thankful I didn’t have to...
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    Is this mastitis?

    She nursed again about an hour ago didn't take from the back two quadrants, then she walked around grazing with the bull. Her behind looks pretty clean, no scours. It's been cooler here, high today 80 60's at night. They're out in the field now, so in the morning I will check her. Thank you...
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    Is this mastitis?

    The dripping is that I just misted them with colloidal silver. I thought she could've been in heat but I don't think that's it, it just might be her calf, again mamma was mooing to her, she was up but laid back down, then mamma went to her licked her, she got up and nursed a little...Im going to...
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    Is this mastitis?

    so the lumpy look to her milk bag is ok?
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    Is this mastitis?

    I rotate them every day they get fresh grass and they scoff it down...I don't know if I can milk her, if she is like this tomorrow I may have to.
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    Is this mastitis?

    she seems ok, she and the bull that's 4 days older than her usually run around at dusk...I'll be able to see then if she doesn't join him....could mamma just be engorged?
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    Is this mastitis?

    She will be 2 months old Saturday.
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    Is this mastitis?

    She was mooing a lot this morning and afternoon at her calf…looks like she’s only drinking from one quadrant., as she did just a few minutes ago, looked at the others and then just sucked the one. If so what should I do? Thank you!
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    Starting South Polls

    ok : ) I won't over think what you've suggested. Just happen to have this shot, but I'll try to get something better tomorrow. (the grass is kinda a known size : )
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    Starting South Polls

    Yes they are and I will call him again I'm sure. My next hurdle is castrating my bull...he was born July 4th, I was advised to wait 3 months... someone else said day one should've been done...reading about the pain and issues... I hate to have to do that...I kinda wish I had an old retired...
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    Hi I just saw your post as I was looking for advise with castration...I see you never had a reply....what ever happened? Was he ok?
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    Starting South Polls

    Update: She never had navel ill / joint was an injury...she stopped limping about a week ago. I'm so new to cattle and the vet that checked her said she had a large navel...2 shots of anti biotic later...I learned the Senapol breed have more sheath and navel than regular boss Taurus...