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  1. Limomike

    Fed cattle prices dropping further

    Yep you got it Steve.. that and Oink time
  2. Limomike

    Pigs, Lipstick and ISIS

    I like him too. He is right on
  3. Limomike

    What goes up... Must come down..

    prices were up here too.. really higher for steer wghts 3-500 lbs. Cows and bulls traded for lower though
  4. Limomike

    Andy Griffith Show

    Yeah, gotta love that show.. Where I work, we showed some young kids this video about the preamble to the constitution, and most of them never heard of them. It was a true classic
  5. Limomike

    Hauled off the last 2

    Most of it is a crapshoot on what to do... But demand still outweighs supply. And that, my friends, is good news as long as it lasts. Or unless something else tanks the market.
  6. Limomike

    term or whole life insurance

    That is totally corrrect.
  7. Limomike

    Beef Cow Kill ?

    Well said Bigfoot. I agree totally. I am doing the same
  8. Limomike

    New herd

    Looks like a good setup there .. I do the same on all my replacements when I tag them. put the year on the back though, and the corresponding number to their mama cow.
  9. Limomike

    Wish it would have been mine

    wow. really nice buck. I have seen a good one roaming around where I hunt lately. I wont chase him though. but if he presents himself.. hes mine. I am really just after the meat
  10. Limomike

    Just want to say thanks to all the conservatives that voted.

    Still proud to be a voter. I will always do my part.
  11. Limomike

    New Experience

    Good luck with him Hoss. let us know how he turns out.
  12. Limomike

    term or whole life insurance

    Here is some good information on both. I used to have life insurance thru my company I worked for.. but I since realized that I really need coverage up until I reach a certain age. (80 is what I chose) So, I got a good policy thru Zander, to help my wife live comfortably if I happen to die...
  13. Limomike

    Gave LA 200 for pinkeye last thurs can I give again?

    as I said, I have heard that for years too. but I treat all mine at the first sign of an outbreak. Never have one one get it in both eyes...
  14. Limomike

    Gave LA 200 for pinkeye last thurs can I give again?

    Draxxin is good.. to prevent an outbreak... but one vet told me one time.. treat it, and it will go away in about 2 weeks.. dont treat it and it will go away in about two weeks.
  15. Limomike

    If you could start over again

    Im not good on hypothetical things... to me its the IF , woulda, coulda, shoulda stuff..
  16. Limomike

    Service. Good service.

    I like to hear those stories.. Good service is hard to come by nowdays. just like common sense isnt very common anymore.
  17. Limomike

    Halloween Costume

    HA! thats great
  18. Limomike

    High priced heifers....

    I dont think it would be $1.50 a day for the whole 3 years.. my heifers just rely on mama and grass for 7 months of that time. To me its good to do both. Keep some back and buy some. I think it can make sense to buy a few if they are bred and from someone reputable, and if they are around...
  19. Limomike

    Feeding question

    If its stolen, I would be careful... :shock:
  20. Limomike


    :bs: if it aint.. :lol: :lol: Almost as fun as doing concrete work in the hot summer sun.